An Interview with Adam King, Creative Director, of Skyline Whitespace

An Interview with Adam King, Creative Director, of Skyline Whitespace


1)How much does it mean to you, to be a World Exhibition Stand Awards 2022 Finalist?

We are absolutely thrilled to be nominated in this category, as sustainability and environmentally friendly exhibition stands sit firmly at the heart of Skyline Whitespace.

We couldn’t be prouder to class ourselves as one of the pioneers of modular re-useable stands. It is so exciting that the last 20 or so years are finally coming into fruition, with businesses like ours now noticeably implementing the correct processes and using the right resources to achieve a reduced carbon footprint. This highlights a crucial global issue that we collaborate with many companies on to help them along the road to Net Zero.

2)What experiences have your team overcome in the past year to successfully deliver for your clients?

Due to the devastating aftermath of Covid-19 as, like all businesses, we have faced many challenges. Fortunately, we were able to learn and adapt our thinking with regards to the processes and materials we use moving forward – and plan to keep the ideas coming!

Reductions in budgets have allowed us to fully showcase the benefits of modular re-useable systems and how they can drastically reduce costs, not to mention waste and transport costs.

We have also had many clients that have left their decision making to the last minute, but due to the fact we have the systems readily available, with all services in house, we will always be able to deliver on time – no matter how big the project.

3) What are clients currently asking for in stand and experience design?

Our clients are in perfect synergy with us and the biophilic and digital revolution we are pursuing. Original, educational, and fun plants and re-useable digital hands-free experiences are our key focus in partnering almost all our clients with to achieve a beautiful, organic, and low carbon footprint exhibition stand.

Our green credentials attract like-minded companies who really enjoy and empathise with us in making stands that deliver on all levels.

Many clients are looking for a “stand for life” that can be redeployed multiple times with little to no waste, making sure to sustain excellent brand consistency and really shining a spotlight on the fact that they are helping the environment. Some of our clients even have a screen or small graphic explaining their company’s green policy, emphasising why they are using one of our stand designs to achieve greener exhibitions.

4) What future changes do you anticipate happening in the exhibition industry over the next two years?

We anticipate that exhibition stands will be more limited to re-useable system structures and no onsite custom work to be manufactured. We believe (and hope) that shorter set up times, along with the reduction of onsite painting and other environmentally harmful processes will be a thing of the past.

There will also be an increase in Interactive digital content to avoid the need for multiple reprinting, as well as a reduction in shipping, and an increase in localised exhibition build that uses a common structure globally.

As we partner with a local company in country of show, we are pleased to be witnessing a sizeable increase in our international partner network in reducing shipping booths. We have also seen a sharp increase in overseas companies seeking companies such as ours to build for them.

Within the next two years, we believe waste will be reduced significantly and exhibition stands will potentially become smaller and more efficient overall. Traditional timber custom build will become a distant memory!