An Interview with James Simpkins, 2 Heads Global Designs Global Chief Growth Officer

An Interview with James Simpkins, 2Heads, Global Chief Growth Officer

2Heads are celebrating being a Finalist of World Exhibition Stand Awards 2022.

James Simpkins

How much does it mean to you, to be a World Exhibition Stand Awards 2022 Finalist?

Being a World Exhibition Stand Award finalist is a great achievement which everyone connected to 2Heads are very proud of. It shows our true commitment and passion for every brand experience environment we create for our customers.

At 2Heads, we are always striving to bring innovation and creativity in showcasing the products and services of some of the world’s leading companies, of whom we are so fortunate to collaborate with. We are determined to maintain these high standards as we move forward into an undoubtably new business landscape and view the nomination by the WESA judges as recognition that we are making a difference.

2) What experiences have your team overcome in the past year to successfully deliver for your clients?

Like the rest of the events industry, our team have had to weather some extreme transitions over the last year. Beyond the known strains of the pandemic, events companies have also seen their industry resurface at extreme speed. Live and hybrid events returned with a bang as people the world over rejoiced in the ability to meet and network face to face, and that’s a great thing. However, jump-starting an industry from 0mph to 100mph requires energy, commitment and belief. Our team have really shined over the last year, kickstarting projects, ensuring quality is top notch, managing strained budgets and rising costs. Partnering with clients has been key as our team go ‘in-house’ with brands to ensure their needs are defined and met by an event program that quite often has needed evolving on ‘the go.’

3) What are clients currently asking for in stand and experience design?

Our clients are asking for creativity with a conscience; a mindful approach to designing their experiences that factor in flexible agnostic design, budget constraints, travel considerations and sustainability.

When creating brand experiences that work, clients are looking for:

  1. DIGITAL IMMERSION – Being more personal and emotive, and less linear in delivery with a focus on a tailored experience that goes beyond ‘what’ and explains ‘why.’

  1. QUANTIFIABLE ANALYTICS – The demand to measure interactions through quantifiable analytics is key to understanding and driving brand success. For clients, this data is now pivotal in making informed decisions and allows a greater understanding of what ROI looks like for them.

  1. SUSTAINABILITY – Sustainable actions are becoming more dominate in the approach of a design and its implementation. ‘Front of house’ sustainability is helping to guide new technologies, materials and digital approaches within the wider experience.

  1. THE NEW AND DIFFERENT ‘WOW’ – The demand for experience is ever-changing with the growing appetite for ‘WOW’. Brands are fuelled to think differently and create new and memorable moments that echo in communities beyond a singular event

4) What future changes do you anticipate happening in the exhibition industry over the next two years?

Over the next two years we forecast our clients will be more cautious with their budgets and some of the bigger brands will make sustainability the first thing they write on a brief. We believe the current climate will make brands smarter and they will want more value from their agencies. The seismic steps taking in virtual events and online immersion will continue to evolve with digital immersion bringing event efficiency to our industry.