An Interview with Patricia Cansado, Creative Director

An Interview with Patricia Cansado , Creative Director


1) How much does it mean to you, to be a World Exhibition Stand Awards 2022 Finalist?

It’s an honour for Brandfuel to be a finalist at WESA. It highlights our continued success and collaboration with our high-profile clients, something that we are really passionate about.
It’s great to be recognised by the industry for the work we believe in and that we are proud of, especially when our team have worked so hard to deliver these projects. With the return to physical events after the pandemic, everyone was excited to come back to the live event world and support our clients to do something impactful and meaningful.

2) What experiences have your team overcome in the past year to successfully deliver for your clients?

Remote work! Also, there has been the added pressure of not delivering a physical event for two years, so there were great expectations to produce something phenomenal. Brands are in search of meaningful experiences; making a memorable event is not enough, so we really need to find those golden nuggets that elevate our experience and make it something remarkable and unique.

3) What are clients currently asking for in stand and experience design?

Rethinking the human approach – that is not what people often say as an holistic approach but for me it is important to design environments and experiences that infuse emotion and human interaction with the product experience. We need to create something memorable and meaningful that is not only innovative and cutting edge, but which touches people’s minds and hearts. For us, even if it is not high on the client agenda – though usually it is – putting sustainability at the heart of our design is central to our values.

4) What future changes do you anticipate happening in the exhibition industry over the next two years?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning will dictate a lot of future experiences, and the way we design will be largely influenced by that as well. Alongside the rapid tech evolution that has allowed every creative to push the boundaries to a new level, I think the pandemic brought a new sense of searching for purposeful and curated events. Brands are re-examining their strategy and the way they connect with their audiences, and how they can relate, elevate and collaborate with them.

Thankfully, the demand for events to be produced sustainably is growing ever stronger, and this is something that is central to the way we work. Consumers expect their products and services to be responsibly sourced and clients want their events to make a positive impact. Once the events are over, we are committed to reusing and recycling as many assets and materials as possible; our aim is not only to achieve net zero event production, but to find innovative ways to support decarbonisation.