An Interview with Wayne Camarro, U.S. Design Studio Manager, of RTH Group, Inc.

An Interview with Wayne Camarro, U.S. Design Studio Manager, of RTH Group, Inc.



1) How much does it mean to you, to be a World Exhibition Stand Awards 2022 Finalist? It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that our team of talented individuals is receiving recognition for the hard work that we do. A tremendous amount of effort goes into the planning and execution of each event. Most times, there’s not a lot of fanfare as its on to the next project. Being an awards finalist shows that our work is appreciated.

2) What experiences have your team overcome in the past year to successfully deliver for your clients? As you are aware, It was a very dark time for our industry, we had to let a majority of our staff go due to the uncertainties of the pandemic. We went from a staff of 16 full time employees down to 3 in our US office and from 40 down to 2 in our UK office. We weren’t sure the company would survive. Thankfully not only have we made a huge comeback, but we were able to rehire 90% of our previous staff back to their positions.

3) What are clients currently asking for in stand and experience design? We are finding a lot of requests for refreshed / new looks for client properties to show that they are also back and stronger than ever.

4) What future changes do you anticipate happening in the exhibition industry over the next two years? We see a return to most if not all events for our clients, with some even expanding their show schedules. We feel there will be the potential for a lot of opportunities, but at the same time, greater challenges than ever with ever shortening time frames, tighter budgets and on going  supply chain issues. We will need to be able to rise to the challenge and find creative solutions. The show must go on!