2020 Exhibits – Let’s Grow 2020

2020 Exhibits – Let’s Grow 2020


Agency: 2020 Exhibits

Client: 2020 Exhibits

Event Name: ExhibitorLive 2019

Agency Website: www.2020exhibits.com

The Brief

The challenge at ExhibitorLIVE is always formidable, as it’s the homecoming of events for tradeshow and event marketers. Exhibitors always step up to bring and showcase the very best and brightest of their brands. In this friendly yet highly competitive landscape, the challenge is finding creative, compelling, and dynamic ways to capture attention and stand out. Starting with the creation and delivery of an unforgettable experience across every touchpoint, from the initial germination of an idea of planting and nurturing it and watching it grow, is the challenge.

At ExhibitorLIVE 2019, you know that you’re in good company. In fact, for many of us, we think of it as a gathering of friends. Attendees are just like us. Although their titles and employers may be different, they too live and breathe trade shows, exhibits, environments, engagement, and experiences.

If they’re lucky, there is a plan in place. They have a strategy and know where their business is heading. They’ve planted the right seeds. They’ve nurtured their brands and, their businesses. They are flourishing. But for others, the plan is no plan at all. It’s more of a wing and prayer – with the sincere hope and desire that, surely, there’s a place and there are professionals who will work to create a plan, solve big issues, plant the right seeds, aim some bright sunshine in their direction and help their tradeshow program and businesses grow.

The Solution

Experience matters. From inspiring creative to thoughtful strategy, seamless execution, and more, the right team and an unforgettable experience can make all the difference in the world. Plant yourself, we say. Dig in. Let’s roll up our sleeves and take time to fully appreciate and understand your trade show program’s goals and objectives. It is only with and in taking action that growth can occur. Yes, the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is right now, TODAY.

The exhibit experience was developed in a layered, highly visual way to capture attention and attract visitors from far and wide across the show floor, whether they were drawn beautiful videos running across the massive LED video wall (across 150 screens) or want to “dig deeper” after being drawn to the 8’ x 6’ 3-D 2020 letters, the creative design team took great care to create a clear and consistent layered hierarchy of storytelling throughout the experience, so attendees can easily walk through the environment, no matter where they begin. With multiple entry points, engagement points, and places to extend the conversation, the sales team could comfortably welcome and spend time with attendees.

The Activation

A brand is a living, breathing entity. Done well, it should be firmly rooted and grounded in a robust culture, strategy, and the best environment. A trade show exhibit experience is the same. It’s a living, breathing, and dynamic experience. One that requires foresight, direction, and a plan for growth. Such will be the 2020 Exhibits’ experience at ExhibitorLIVE 2019. Think of our ExhibitorLIVE 2019 exhibit experience as a gathering with friends. It is a warm and inviting respite from the hectic trade show floor. Our guests and visitors will be in good company.

Highlights of the environment include artfully shaped entry (inspiring curves ahead) along with the custom-designed and fabricated elements, including the reception counter, seating areas, and the interactive presentation nestled near the base of the exhibit’s anchor and centerpiece, a massive tree with custom branches. A fusion of deep, rich woods and warm colors infuse the space, as seen in custom bistro tables and the inviting reception counter. Throughout this custom-crafted and inviting space, creativity in shapes and forms, and material with subtle color pops, Insta-worthy elements, and thoughtful integration of dimensional objects (hanging succulent terrariums for the win), and digital media (150 LED screens) help to guide visitors through this engaging and inspiring experience.

Plant yourself, we say. Dig in. Let’s roll up our sleeves and take time to appreciate and understand each program’s goals and objectives fully. It is only with and in taking action that growth can occur. Yes, the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is right now, TODAY. Dig it. Dig in. Pass it and increase engagement with touch screens and massive video walls. Let us help you grow. #letsgrow2020

The Results

The Let’s Grow campaign and exhibit experience flourished, delivering opportunity, and returns. Measurable increases are as follows:

• Increase in qualified leads (+22%)
• Generous increase in ExhibitorLIVE foot traffic, year-over-year (by 38%)
• Increased engagement on the show floor
• Overall Campaign ROI (+30%)