A Forward-Looking Approach to Showcase Technology

A Forward-Looking Approach to Showcase Technology


Agency: Dijon Designs

Client: Fujitsu

Event Name: Defence and Security Equipment International – DSEI – 2019

Agency Website: dijondesigns.com

The Brief

Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) is an international show that has traditionally focused on defence systems.

Our clients offer solutions to enable vast amounts of information to be collected, shared and utilised in new and innovative ways.

The UK Ministry Of Defence (MOD) is the target audience for the event, but other international delegations are also encouraged to attend. The choice of stand space reflected this, and we worked in collaboration with the organisers and our client to secure a space that bridged the entrance to the MOD’s hospitality zone.

The stand was 15m x 10m with an 80m double deck space, it was open four sides and faced the main wider gangway in the hall.

The brief from Fujitsu was to design and develop an exhibition stand that surpassed their 2017 presence; to create a story, a journey that allowed the delegates to see how technology will shape the future. A brief that evolved through collaboration with our client and Dijon and fit perfectly with Dijon’s values: we are always looking forward and are excited to push the boundaries in the name of sending the right message.

Traditionally, Fujitsu’s neighbours at this show are dark, masculine stands and so, as in previous years, our client wanted a striking design which was beautifully finished and had a unique presence in the hall.

The Solution

Dijon decided that a combined agency and client approach was the most appropriate to deliver the brief. A long-established partnership between the client, a leading immersive experience agency, I-MOTUS, and Dijon allowed us to develop a compelling story for the stand. From the moment a client was invited onto the immersive stand through to the post show follow-up, a step by step journey was developed.

High level branding and lighting were used to ensure the stand was visible and impactful from all areas of the show.

The stand design and finishes were the highest possible standard to demonstrate to the audience that Fujitsu are a serious company in this competitive market place.

Stand registration and reception was positioned on the prime aisle; a booking system notified a Fujitsu host that their appointment had arrived.

The delegate then witnessed an unfolding story on a 5m high, curved and tilted LED screen; gamification was used to engage the delegates and pose a problem which the audience was invited to solve. Hosted tours of the technology then showed the audience how Fujitsu technology is innovative and solution-based.

We also incorporated an engaging charity area on the stand to help strengthen the bond between client and customer.

The upper deck hosted a VIP zone which allowed further opportunity for discussion and conversations offering high quality hospitality in a comfortable surrounding.

The journey around the stand also included a story for delivering complex technical solutions in a simple form. A problem was posed to the audience in the form of an unstable, fictitious African nation that required British citizens to be extracted. Delegates challenged the technology using engaging gamification designed by I-MOTUS and supported by Dijon’s audio visual team.

The Activation

The stand was engaging, entertaining and educating on every level, the delegates received a clear and consise story that compelled them to discover more of Fujitsu’s solutions. By creating striking and beautiful stand that worked perfectly and a ‘real life’ story, we were able to increase the ‘linger time’ on the stand for all visitors.

The Dijon team worked on every aspect of the stand activation:

A large, complex double-deck build with a 5 x 4m LED screen that curved and hung forward creating an immersive experience for the visitors to the stand and created an desire to discover more

Beautifully designed and practical demonstration spaces created a flow of visitors through the stand, with no bottle necks allowing the delegates to spend as much time as they needed with Fujitsu hosts.

The British Forces Rugby Team charity area was topical ahead of the Rugby World Cup hosted in Japan and was an engaging area for delegates to enjoy.

Dijon also organised a charity social event on the stand offering superb hospitality and attention to detail throughout the event

From the initial concepts to hosting the hospitality on the stand, our team assisted Fujitsu bring their brand, and their complex story, to life and engage with visitors on every level.

The Results

The feedback we received was that this was Fujitsu’s best ever and most successful DSEI. We incorporated a more targeted and engaging stand with a striking design and delivered a memorable and engaging experience both for the MOD and international customers.

Conversations on the stand have resulted in follow up meetings with the MOD and others that would not have happened without such an engaing and prominent presence at the show.
We can not disclose the details of orders taken, but it is clear that the major investment in the stand has been rewarded many times over.

Fujitsu hosted government officials from the UK and International delegations on the stand, along with Head of Joint Forces from the MOD who spent an unprecedented amount of time on the stand engaging with the story and enjoying the hospitality.