Accenture at Mobile World Congress

Accenture at Mobile World Congress


Agency: Enigma Creative Solutions

Client: Accenture Digital

Event Name: MWC 2019

Agency Website:

The Brief

To shift clients from small proof of concept deals into more strategic end to end engagements, ultimately contributing to 20% revenue growth target for Applied Intelligence and a $2Bn uplift in the sales pipeline, across CMT clients.

The Solution

In 2019 everyone was talking about 5G and AI – overblown topics with much hype, myths and misconceptions and a focus on technology for technology’s own sake – not how to apply it.

We wanted to help Accenture cut through the noise and hype and demonstrate how they are helping clients create their new possible with key enablers like AI-powered data, analytics, automation, IoT and 5G.

This was a repositioning exercise, we wanted the industry to look differently at Accenture – connect with them to explore new ideas, visit their booth and ultimately choose Accenture to partner with to help them find new growth in the 5G age through industrializing AI and delivering real business value at speed and scale and with agility.

The Activation

In a crowded environment, our approach has given focus and freshness to the company’s brand.

The visitor experience? A sense of highly professional calm and competence – in contrast to so many of those visually cluttered or overly busy stands still being commissioned at the show.

The layout of the stand was inspired bu the Accenture “Chevron” with a vast open-plan demo area at the front, and a double-deck meeting room complex at the rear which ensured high levels of productivity with no less than 12 board room s accommodating up to 80 attendees.

We devised 6 multifunction demonstration units, each designed to showcase practical real-world technology applications, in the areas of Factory Floor, Back Office, Front Office, Shopping, Around Town, and On The Go.

The design language was clean and paired back, intentionally so – we wanted to create a focussed environment that Accenture could use to have in-depth, intellectual exchanges with their clients, and prospects – the focus here was on productivity, not flag-waving.

For us, this didn’t mean a wholly utilitarian design, but any creative flourishes needed to have meaning. To this end, we developed a kinetic plane above the stand which provided a “contextual sky” to the experience using data visualisations inspired by the demos below it.

Accenture wanted to control the flow of visitors on to their stand so we were careful to ensure that this was an invite-only experience. To ensure that Accenture staff weren’t inundated with “tire kickers” we designed a 3m high glass wall around the stand that allowed the experience to be seen from the show floor but also allowed a strategically placed reception desk to qualify visitors before entering.

The Results

The results of the experience speak for themselves:

o 15% Increase Share of Voice
o Increased YoY social engagement by 10% Across corporate and
leaders’ handles:
o >850K Organic social impressions across handles
o Increased YoY Media Engagement by 10%:
o >600 News articles and bylines generated
o Engage 250+ Clients, minimum 60% c-level