ADB Safegate – Inter Airport Europe 2019

ADB Safegate – Inter Airport Europe 2019


Agency: Creaplan nv

Client: ADB Safegate

Event Name: Inter Airport Europe 2019

Agency Website:

The Brief

Airport solutions expert ADB Safegate wanted a stand where experience is key, using digital applications to leave a lasting impression with visitors. They asked us to imitate an airport environment with a strong focus on different product areas on one hand, and room for hospitality on the other hand.

The stand had to be visible from afar, had to have stopping power in the aisle and convey a sense of class. They wanted to incorporate large LED walls for a dynamic look. Last but not least, they asked us to provide space at the front of the booth for presentations, they wanted separate meeting rooms and they asked us to use plenty of greenery and plants to underline their sustainable efforts.

The Solution and Activation

We met their wishes in the concept in which we imitated an airport terminal with a large central tunnel leading to the different experience zones, finally ending at the hospitality zone.

The terminal area is also the product zone. We played around creatively with white, spacy, organic shapes. We added lots of screens and a large LED wall with a video of people with suitcases walking past, making it look as if you are actually at the airport. We used plenty of lighting for an airy and modern look.

The bar at the end of the terminal is a cosy and warm area with darker elements, a wooden floor and plants, to establish a clear contrast between the product experience and the quiet moment at the bar.
The special shapes of the design (sloping walls, rounded corners, etc.) were quite unique and quite the challenge to implement. The tunnel was probably the biggest challenge to create: the cross-section in itself already had a special built, but the entrance to the tunnel was also at an angle, which required a great deal of thinking and testing.

The Results

The ADB Safegate clearly stood out from other stands at the fair both in terms of design and functionality. Our customer concluded that the stand was a great success and had zero remarks.