Adobe @ ITMA 2019

Adobe @ ITMA 2019


Agency: Pico In-Creative UK

Client: Adobe

Event Name: ITMA 2019 Barcelona

Agency Website:

The Brief

“We are exhibiting at ITMA as our entry into the field of textile design. We have recently developed a new product, currently titled “Project Paras”.

Project Paras is a plugin for Adobe Photoshop which is designed to make the work of textile and surface designers so much easier. It’s targeted to users who are designing fabric, fashion and furnishings and from our early feedback we’re achieving up to 5x productivity improvements.”

As a late entry to exhibit at ITMA (the Olympics of the textile industry) Adobe booked a stand space of just 18 sqm to promote their new Photoshop plug-in.

The brief was simple enough, create a space that presents a gallery of the design possibilities with an area for demonstrations as well as a presentation stage and creating a design that is warm and open with clear Adobe branding.

A key message for the design team was to promote ‘5x productivity’ the
The client wanted to showcase fabric designers work who were already using the new software, example designs used as the ‘gallery’ within the stand and provide ‘live’ demos with space for networking.

The Solution

With the client based in India, we arranged briefing calls to introduce some of our ideas and understand how they envisaged using the stand.
During this process we discovered the need to have high specification Mac’s to run the demo’s. With a tight budget we agreed that the Mac’s would be supplied by the client, adjusting the presentation and demo area to facilitate their own laptops being used.

The core to the idea was to create a staggered and stepped rear wall for the gallery and demo area, side presentation stage and central area for casual seating to watch presentations.
A strong surrounding fascia with supporting columns shaped to reflect the ‘A’ of Adobe were designed in with front corner flat-screen to promote presentation times.

Keeping the focus firmly on the ‘gallery’ theme, example designs were also used as cushions to the stand seating.

Clear signage, strong pallet of colours and two-tone floor finishes were designed to organise the stand space and to differentiate each area.

The Activation

The design and technical package was created by Pico, the stand build was executed by our Polish partners under our close supervision.

Imagination, creativity and problem solving were required by the Pico team to make the “Best use of an 18 sqm” into a practical and artistically presented booth.

Weekly calls with the client were critical to manage expectations and decision making for the final fabrics within the gallery.

A ‘key’ challenge was the choice of fabric for the ‘gallery’ print samples.

With limited time and our client in India, we produced a number of sample fabric prints on different substrates which were then both photographed and videoed to allow our client to make the best and informed choice.

The Results

The clients were extremely pleased with the result and very complimentary that the entire project was delivered seamlessly. The display managed to showcase the brilliant quality and potential of Adobe’s new programme, especially since the stand emphasised on the beautiful designs and textiles displayed.