Airbus Americas Virtual Pavilion

Airbus Americas Virtual Pavilion


Agency: M Integrated Solutions

Client: Airbus Americas

Event Name: Airbus Americas Virtual Pavilion

Agency Website:

The Brief

To look for a virtual solution to a trade show experience that imbued the brand and focused on customer experience. Airbus has a reputation for their event presence being true to the brand, whilst also focused on showcasing using the latest technology and hospitality, where spaces can adapt to suit ever-changing requirements.
The Challenge: Tendering against incumbent event suppliers for the project. M were awarded due to our innovative virtual, hybrid and live approach. We challenged ourselves to think differently about the use of the online experience. How the customer journeys, from initial invitation through to follow up content and deep dive data on their touchpoints and interactions. The pavilion concept has been designed so that it is an amorphous, evolving environment designed to suit each customer experience, going beyond replicating the physical environment.

The Solution and Activation

Going beyond the limits of ‘real’, our solution was inspired by the theme ‘the freedom to think differently’ about the online experience. Using concept and best practice from online gaming, esports and virtual environments, we took away the boundaries and unconstrained our creative, creating a pavilion experience built around a highly perfected and time focused customer journey. The final solution included client existing VR, AR content, live press and media environment, VIP real-time air show broadcast lounge amongst many other features, able to tell the story from commercial aircraft to outer space. The virtual pavilion continues to grow, adapt, and update as the Airbus event team adapt and align it to specific customers.

The Results

While we cannot provide client data, the Airbus virtual pavilion has gone beyond customer experience, now in planning to transform into a training environment. Broadening across the Airbus business as it develops through adoption in other markets and is planned to be integrated into the event show programme where the live exhibit blends seamlessly with the virtual experience. This is testament to the success and exceptional return on investment made by the Airbus Americas Inc team.