Airbus: UK Space Conference 2019

Airbus: UK Space Conference 2019


Agency: M-is

Client: Airbus

Event Name: UK Space Conference 2019

Agency Website:

The Brief

The client brief focused on demonstrating Airbus as a major player in the space industry at the most influential space event in the UK by creating a cost effective solution without compromising on high specifications and quality of delivery.

The objective was to attract those audiences seeking inspiration and those wanting to share ideas and thrive in the new space with Airbus.

The Solution

M took a new brand design approach which led to new frontiers and resounding endorsement from our client in respect of our proactive and structured approach to planning which involved:
– a disciplined project journey
– pushing the boundaries of brand design, and the clients request to highlight a galaxy theme whilst respecting core brand guidelines
– defining the creative approach to challenge the best use of space
– a cohesive approach to the design
– deploying high end production techniques and delivering an impeccable finishing standard
– ensuring the logo was illuminated to drive awareness of Airbus’ presence whilst integrating lighting and back lit graphics throughout the stand
– framing and use of a canopy, creating an open and inviting environment
– creating an idea that openly defined relevant Airbus business units without creating boundaries.

The Activation

The activation pushed the boundaries of the Airbus brand, incorporating relevant product imagery and messaging, ensuring that it stood out amongst its competitors. Details on the stand were highlighted by using integrated and discrete LED lighting. The back lit graphics protruded from the main wall and the integrated use of artwork created eye catching and unmistakable brand textures and products – creating a space enhancing feel. The wall graphics themselves were then created in one piece and printed on fabric for a seamless and faultless application.

The Results

A hugely successful show, both in terms of presence and client satisfaction. A praised implementation of the brand, defining Airbus from other exhibitors working to a similar theme. The M designed installation gave impact to the extent of truly owning the space in the hall, despite the actual footprint being a conservative 30sq.m.

The stand received unique praise during the show and in post-event feedback. Internal KPI and debrief recorded 100% overall satisfaction, and also 100% brand awareness.