ALDAR @ Cityscape Abu Dhabi 2018

ALDAR @ Cityscape Abu Dhabi 2018


Agency: Action Impact Events LLC

Client: ALDAR Properties PJSC

Event Name: Cityscape Abu Dhabi 2018

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The Brief:  

Our relationship with Aldar, one of the largest real estate development, management and investment companies in Abu Dhabi dates back years. This relationship is one that has nurtured a deep and trusting relationship with us at Action Impact.

This trust, whilst being extremely rewarding comes with the by-product of our client, Aldar, creating increasingly demanding and adventurous briefs. The beauty of working with Aldar, is that they are very clear on their particular message for any exhibition they decide to attend. In this case, at Cityscape Abu Dhabi – the leading property development and investment event in the Emirate.

In previous years Aldar chose to focus attention of a singular product or development. For 2018 though, they wouldn’t choose which development to promote until only a few weeks before Cityscape. Meaning that the stand had to be designed without prior knowledge of the essence of a specific product, which led us to the design direction we chose.

Our brief therefore was to develop an exhibition stand completely unaware of what the content or purpose would be. We needed to create a jaw dropping experiential marketing stand that would be unique and, importantly, able to promote whatever Aldar decided to promote nearer the opening of Cityscape.

The stand, once it attracted everyone to it, then needed to accommodate an area to complete sales agreements, a marketing area and spaces for meetings and negotiations.

In effect, we had a blank canvas to create whatever we liked, such is the trust Aldar place in us. In reality, it made our task incredibly difficult as that trust was hard earned and would be easily lost if we got this wrong.


The Solution:

Action Impact’s senior management along with our design studio concluded, quite quickly, that this challenging brief (or lack of a brief) meant we had to be bold. We had to make a statement, irrespective of the stand and our client’s content.

Firstly, we created an environment that was so clean and elegant that it was impossible not to notice when set against the cacophony of everything else at Cityscape. Its elegant simplicity demanded attention. The stand was completely white, complete with a white floor using a specially treated spray paint that would stand up to the heavy foot traffic yet remain elegantly white.

From the top of the stand we installed 460 individual hanging white droplets: each one rigged to their own winch to allow us to individually control the height and movement of every droplet. A kinetic sculpture in the heart of the Cityscape exhibition. Aldar often being the heart of many areas of Abu Dhabi.

In addition, we created the facility to house any development model Aldar decided to exhibit on a series of pistons. This allowed us to control, with precision, the height and movement of a sectioned model.

The model on its piston base being coupled with our kinetic sculpture of 250 droplets meant we could create a balletic performance. This ballet saw our creative teams score a powerful piece of music and choreograph the model and droplets to this music. A dancing model with dancing droplets. This allowed us to feature different areas of the development’s model during different parts of the music to feature various messages.

These messages were supported by transparent LED panels around the stand creating windows onto the development featuring relevant themes and mood imagery along with a large LED screen for messaging and film.

The cumulative effect of an animated model, enormous kinetic sculpture and high-tech digital wallpaper made the Aldar stand the talk of the Cityscape exhibition.



Whilst the stand had an elegant serenity to it, creating it was far from straight forward.

Our team combined: 3D designers, animation experts, a composer, automation engineers, coders and programmers, model makers, editors, artists and craftsmen, mechanical and electrical engineers and sculptors. This eclectic group of people needed careful guidance and creative direction to develop an end result that spanned so many different mediums yet looked like a cohesive piece of performance art.

We built test rigs to trial the individual elements and had to find innovative solutions to ensure different technologies and applications communicated and synchronized together perfectly.

Our creative and technical teams worked tirelessly to achieve the perfect balance of performance and engineering.

Our only challenge now with having executed this so successfully is wondering what activation Aldar will challenge us to execute and deliver next.


The Result:

Aldar’s stand being at capacity for the majority of Cityscape’s opening hours would have been satisfaction alone for our client. Achieving this, which we did, was only the beginning though.

Aldar’s product sales on-stand exceeded all of their expectations and they were, needless to say, delighted.

The third benefit of this incredible stand was the emboldening of Aldar’s brand. Whilst they are a well-known brand, they were now perceived as more adventurous and bold in spirit. Attract a new demographic and generation to Aldar’s developments.