Aldar at Cityscape Global 2018

Aldar at Cityscape Global 2018


Agency: Action Impact

Client: Aldar Properties

Event Name: Cityscape Global 2018

Agency Website:

The Brief

Standing out in an exhibition hall full of stands trying to stand out necessitates outstanding thinking.

Just such thinking was our brief. Aldar’s instruction to us for their Cityscape Global 2018 stand was as simple as they wanted their stand to be:

‘Design and deliver an open, welcoming bespoke exhibition space continuing the theme of “This is Home”. A space that stands out from the busy clutter of Cityscape Global and provides a marketing suite environment that allows our developments to shine and the visitors to breathe.’

And why this space to breathe? Simple. The aim was to attract visitors towards and into the Aldar world enabling Aldar to share details of real estate developments – building awareness and finding potential customers in an extremely natural and low-key manner. No hard selling.

Creating a stand, that’s neither busy nor cluttered – an oasis of calm – allowing visitors to relax in an otherwise busy and claustrophobic exhibition hall is an inherent oxymoron. Nevertheless, our studio with its various creative disciplines and our technical teams set upon a period of research, development and head scratching.

The Solution

Our integrated multidisciplinary team developed numerous strategic approaches and design concepts before settling on one incredibly simple idea.

Rather than treat the stand as a stand, we decided to treat it as a public art installation – akin to many of the public areas across the proposed property development. This art installation took its inspiration from a visualisation produced for the Al Mamsha development’s marketing materials – one of Aldar’s property masterplans to be presented within the stand.

In this visualization hung metallic tubes arranged over a central area – large statement pieces taking their inspiration from the surrounding environment – both natural and architectural.

Our studio took this idea and ran with it. Through a series of creative architectural, technical and metallurgy sessions involving testing, research and development the iterative process led to a copper material. Copper is a colour often found in nature, yet also a material malleable and robust enough to be functional too.

The use of solid-ended copper tubes at varying lengths, adjusted and installed in just the right way created a spectacular illusion when viewed at scale. Our concept therefore was to create an overhead feature, spanning the entire stand that would be visible from great distances away, intrigue visitors and draw them in to view this seemingly organic, moving and living architecture – in the same way a field of long grass mesmerises at it dances and moves in the wind, the way a sand dune moves or the way an ocean gently ripples.

We were creating a sea of tranquility in an otherwise loud and boisterous exhibition hall. An intimate and elegant solution masking the underlying engineering and artistic complexities needed to create such a gentle force of nature.

The Activation

Our solution necessitated a consistency in colour and materials. Copper tones were reflected within each property development being presented on the stand. Copper, combined with polished concrete, the same hue as the majority of the architecture would form the basis of the design.

Combining these two colours at ground level was straight forward. Especially given the floor space required a minimalist look and feel with just product models and interactive coffee tables positioned to allow free movement around the stand.

Copper, as well has having the right colour tones, is also extremely versatile. Creating this aerial installation with its minimalist look and the elegance required considerable commitment from both our team and the contractors involved and it took weeks of research and development to develop the tooling, sizes and overall design so that all worked in unison.

The final design necessitated 4,000 individually produced copper tubes – each having different lengths and diameters, set at precisely defined different heights to provide a sense of movement over the audience and exhibition space.

With the movement of air from the air conditioning, the entire feature, all 4,000 copper tubes provided a soft sense of flow and movement. A simple design that hid the immense effort and design process that enabled it to look so simple and elegant.

The mechanics of producing this were considerable given each tube was different and needed to be an exacting size. Whilst 4,000 tubes were used, a great many more were created that didn’t pass the stringent quality control or creative tests.
The work, some of which was extremely frustrating, was a marriage of engineering and art. A marriage our team worked tirelessly to develop, iterate and deliver to create something we knew our client, Aldar would love. It is this typically unseen passion and commitment that often sets us apart.

The Results

Action Impact is a service business, the objectives our clients typically set us are often as straightforward as they are hard to measure. In this instance, Aldar simply wanted ‘something they hadn’t seen before’ and an idea that would amaze them and those attending. That was the result we were tasked to create. An exercise in artistry.

This sounds simple, but in a region where everyone is looking for something different, or bigger, or better or never been seen before, the stakes – and with it – the challenges, constantly escalate.

Our measure of our success is our client’s reaction and praise, which is rarely committed to writing though whispered in passing conversations. Aldar were beyond impressed with the Cityscape Global stand we created.

It’s subtlety and delicacy, sat amongst a sea of loud and vibrant stands around it, was, ironically, what made it stand out. Visitors seeking sanctuary relaxed, reflected and were in turn much more willing to engage with sales staff on the stand. Quite the achievement and one only possible given the complete faith Aldar have in Action Impact following years of developing a mutually beneficial relationship together.