Alltech @ Eclosiona 2021

Alltech, Inc.


Agency: Communication Exhibits Inc.

Client: Alltech, Inc.

Event Name: Eclosiona 2021

Agency Website:

The Brief

Alltech has a tradition of hosting or sponsoring independent events for various agricultural markets. In this case, Alltech needed a way to reach poultry customers in Latin America but due to the pandemic shutdowns and travel bans, this was not going to be possible by traditional means. Alltech also wanted something more engaging than a traditional webinar and they needed a way to reach attendees in two languages, Spanish and Portuguese. Alltech wanted the virtual experience to be as similar as an Alltech in-person event. They turned to their tradeshow and exhibit partner, Communication Exhibits, Inc. (CEI) for a solution.

The Solution and Activation

Due to the COVID 19 worldwide travel bans and shutdowns, Alltech turned to CEI to help them create a solution that would allow them to bring their event to the poultry market virtually. The inspiration came in the form of a totally different kind of virtual event platform. Since CEI was a custom exhibit producer with their own interactive media department, it was important that the new virtual platform be a 3D experience. This concept needed to engage the attendees as well as give the associations a chance to share their services. CEI offered a solution that was flexible, offered a 3D presence, downloadable content and made it easy for the attendees to interact and view live or recorded presentations at their own pace. The solution also offered Alltech an easy way to capture analytics regarding all who attended their event.
The 3D virtual event platform was designed to incorporate the look of Alltech’s real exhibits as well as a lecture hall modeled after their own existing lecture hall in the company’s headquarters. The virtual lobby was also decorated with graphics and artifacts that are typical of previous Alltech in-person events. This included a social space with a 3D bar modeled after their own pub (at their brewing & distilling facility) and tied to a live Microsoft Teams meeting. Attendees as well as Alltech personnel, including the CEO, found that this platform gave Alltech the brand presence that they needed to engage their customers and markets during this pandemic and beyond. Another advantage that the platform offered was the ability on the administrative side for Alltech to make edits, post all of the graphics and add content for all of the literature, videos and links to the sessions themselves.

The Results

Alltech had great success with this new, customized virtual platform. They had 982 attendees and 2,744 logins. The site had 11,443 content views and 18 requests from companies to be contacted directly by a sales representative from 8 different countries. This event allowed Alltech to connect with the entire Latin America region as well as they had many speakers within the industry request to be featured speakers in the next event.