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Client: American Standard

Event Name: PCBC 2019

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The Brief

American Standard is a leading North American plumbing fixture company with a proud 140-year legacy of quality and pioneering innovation. With several brand names in their portfolio, American Standard came to The Exhibit Company (TEC) with the task of designing and executing a new exhibit highlighting the latest product innovations from three of their main business brands: American Standard, DXV and Grohe. The challenges were that each brand was to have its own space and brand identity; the booth space would be limited to 20’x20’; the exhibit needed to reflect the high-end design and engineering that goes into each of their products; and the budget needed to be significantly less than what their competitors typically work with way.

The Solution

TEC decided to allocate just over half the booth to American Standard, the flagship brand with the most product. Each area was defined by large fabric box headers differentiated by height and brand color: white for American Standard, black for DXV, and blue for Grohe. The footprint for each brand was likewise differentiated through the use of different floor materials and colors. The net effect was a harmonious blending of canopies and floors that served to not only define space for each brand but create an architecturally interesting brand village.

American Standard needed to showcase a wide variety of products such as toilets, faucets, vanities and mirrors to name a few. Being that there were so many different types of products to display, TEC had to come up with different ideas to showcase everything in a classic way that represented the brand’s style. TEC’s solution was a functional, aesthetic, and moveable wall with floor mounted displays, shelves, and inset display areas.

For the luxury DXV brand, TEC decided to create a high-end bathroom vignette using specific materials which would communicate the premium nature of this brand. Given that there was enough space only for one DXV bathroom vignette, we determined that a small faucet display can be added to the space outside the vignette area. A clean black wall with inlaid monitor served to enclose the vignette space on one side and form the backdrop for the faucet display on the other, creating interest in each corner and nook of the booth.

TEC designed separate focus areas for Grohe’s various shower wand systems, shower heads, and faucets. TEC decided to embed the shower head display into the box canopy header. That left the space on the floor for a focus wall in high-end tile displaying Grohe’s highly engineered shower wand systems. At the other end of the allotted Grohe space, we were able to place a custom designed bi-level faucet display that really popped with magnificent internal lighting.

The Activation

In the American Standard brand area, The Exhibit Company built three multipurpose movable white walls for product display. Each wall consisted of a shower head kit which was mounted on a removeable box to give it some depth on the wall. Design and engineering allowed for mobility of these walls, which was necessary to ease installation thereby reducing costs. Between each wall we created recessed areas to display a mirror, vanity and faucet. A pre-assembled cabinet showcasing several additional faucets and sinks opposed the three walls and completed the interior of the stand.

Within the DXV brand area, we created a custom tile and grout wall with mounted products. Because of weight concerns, the wall was built in two sections. After the two halves were positioned, the joint line was grouted on site for a seamless finish. Mounted to the tile wall was a vanity, a complete shower kit, a Halo-lit mirror and a shower barrier. A wall was built to complete the shower vignette and separate the faucet display from the bathroom vignette. An elegant fabric graphic and a monitor were used in conjunction with the faucet display to finalize the DXV area.

The Grohe display also included a heavy custom tile wall with products mounted. This wall created a challenge because of the number of mounting holes that needed to be drilled. TEC incorporated a custom shower head display into the overhead canopy which created tremendous space savings. To compensate for the increased weight, we adjusted anchor points on the structure to make sure everything was safe to hang.

All three brands were showcased on an aisle facing wall of the exhibit. One section had a TV with working demo products. We positioned the main graphic display in the middle and utilized hidden SEG corner posts to extend the functional size and impact of the graphic. The third section included additional products complemented by a monitor. Fabric graphic construction of these areas helped to manage weight.

The Results

Everything came together perfectly in the American Standard brand area. With the number of products being shown in such a small space, each display communicated a story. Products were neatly composed in their given space which allowed the area to really have the impact the client was hoping for.

DXV really made a huge impact for the client. They were elated by the bathroom vignette and its execution. The high-end tile color complimented the products tastefully and had a modern style which was the feel for the brand. The division wall was minimal yet provided the needed function to successfully separate the vignette from the faucet display. This transition allowed the DXV product lines to be the hero of their individual showcase.

Grohe’s elegant tile wall was a big hit. The high-end dark tile had a great contrast to the bright chrome finish of the products. Precise attachment of these products created a clean composition on the display wall. The hanging shower head display in the Grohe area was a unique element to the booth which created intrigue for the show attendees. These creative display methods allowed us to showcase more products without overcrowding the space and taking advantage of the limited real estate in the exhibit.

Overall, the brand village concept was a huge success. The client was extremely pleased with the space allocated to each of the brands, and to their distinct yet complementary display areas. They expressed great appreciation with not only the clean, brand-specific aesthetics, but to the many engineering and design solutions The Exhibit Company incorporated to provide the biggest impact with a limited footprint and sensitive budget. The booth attracted many more visitors compared to the prior years and seemed very eager to engage with staff on the new products beautifully displayed.