Arm TechCon 2018

Arm TechCon 2018


Agency: ProExhibits

Client: Arm

Event Name: Arm TechCon 2018

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The Brief

Arm is a large technology platform company. They provide key computer architecture and chips that power many
embedded applications such as connected cities, drones and finger recognition. As an indication of the scale of Arm’s technology, their architecture is powering hundreds of billions of chips.

TechCon is Arm’s own developer conference which is held in Silicon Valley each year. Over 3,500 attendees from 40 countries attend and Arm sets the stage with a large welcoming exhibit at the entrance of their conference expo. As such they wanted an impressive exhibit that provided an overview of four main technology themes.


Enhance the Arm brand with an experience commensurate with their reputation of global pervasiveness and elegant
(computer) architecture.

Create an inspiring environment for developers and partners, organized into four themes.

Provide an experience that inspires forward-thinking technologists to dream up new applications.

The Solution

Create a bold, visually stimulating experience that reinforces the clean and modern architecture of Arm’s products.

Design the space such that four distinct application zones are created.

Provide similarly large bold graphics viewable from all sides of the exhibit.

The Activation

Positioned at the entrance to the conference, Arm’s large (40 x 70) exhibit gave developers an immediate
impression of a pervasive technology with many important world- changing applications for the future.

A large LED tile video wall suspended from a truss centered the exhibit and was flanked by rectangular double sided SEG

The look and feel of the experience suggested an elegant architecture built around key building blocks, highlighted
by bold graphics.

The design of the experience presented an equally impressive view from both the front and back sides and the
large graphic banners made it impossible to miss within the expo floor.

The four themed areas contained both self-exploration demos as well as presentation zones. The demo areas
incorporated colorful lighting, touch screens, face recognition and more to create engaging activations.

The Results

The overall look and feel of the design reinforced the brand’s reputation: modern, clean architecture with ubiquitous

As the welcoming experience for the attendees, an impression was created of a bold technology leader with a
bright future.

The large bold graphics and video screen told the brand’s technology story, organized into four themes. This
provided a context for which attendees could locate their areas of interest. The activations and demos (some
enhanced by virtual reality) further added to the platform’s experience.

Showcasing partner applications also served to inspire more companies to join their ecosystem and to imagine the future.

The client was extremely pleased with the results and commissioned our company to design and build their 2019 TechCon experience.