BAE Systems DSEI Exhibition

BAE Systems DSEI Exhibition


Agency: M-is

Client: BAE Systems

Event Name: DSEI 2019

Agency Website:

The Brief

BAE Systems is a leading global defence company. A technology led, innovation focused, forward leaning organisation defining the future technology of defence.
DSEI has become a primary, Tier one event on BAE’s global exhibition and show programme, providing the opportunity for a full and in-depth presentation of BAE Systems capability and innovation.
The brief included delivering new techniques and experiences for DSEI which could then be deployed across global exhibition programme. Furthermore, the brief also included evolution of BAE vertical sector exhibits (i.e. air, sea, satellite) delivering engaging content in innovative ways to an audience well versed in this sector.
Parts of the brief was to acknowledge that M’s concepts are frequently copied so execution of concepts needed to shift the needle from the brand thinking from previous exhibitions while ensuring consistent, recognisable brand messaging.
Finally, the brief demanded communicating BAE as an innovative and cohesive defence company. Showcasing the fact that technology is a core part of BAE Systems offering and should be given equal attention as defence platforms and machinery.

The Solution

M developed five key technology features, utilising both rental and procured assets for use in a long term programme.

LED header dynamic branding
High level LED screens defined the corner perimeters of the stand. M designed and choreographed content across the multiple stand screens – each approximately 6 x 6 m clearly defining the brand and headline message.

Cube introductory feature
A, mitre edged LED screen cube 5x5x5m, 2.6mm pixel accommodated an internal media presentation suite. Other components included mirrored ceiling, audio and specialist lighting all combined to deliver a compelling introduction to BAE Systems. A high level piece defining the beginning of the stand journey with a lighter version at the end of the stand, helping to define the scale and presence at the show.

Technology Surfaces
Four 3x2m translucent glass screens delivered app content on a large scale and used the latest high definition short throw projectors while being able to to see through glass to large products. M delivered four truly innovative features and a considered approach to the environment:
– Tactical Hotspot (an off-road vehicle containing comms and connectivity solutions for mission planning)
– Archer vehicle
– Maritime presentation
– Information Advantage presentation

Exhibit benches
A bespoke unit created for multiple product types. Applied throughout the floor. A clever and careful considered use of clear plasma screens, high powered tablet relay, exhibit lighting, ambient and floor lighting. High end spray paint solutions were used to deliver highly durable and reusable surfaces. Integrated storage and cable management, mirrored elements to continue the weightless feel. Variants created:
– Short and long version of the table
– Touch table
– Low level for large product display
– Cladding version to wrap hall floor positions heavy exhibits

Programmed lighting
Choreographed with with major presentations and rendered throughout show floor, for a cohesive activation.

The Activation

With the customer placed at the very heart of the concept – the activation focused on the customer journey and experience. Therefore, M created content and features to maximise the headline corporate message and the product take-out, features and benefits.

Assets became a device that formed part of the broad BAE Systems experience, each highly productive in their own right and powerful as their part of the journey.

The activation involved 1,846 sq. of floor space and 230 sq.m of double deck hospitality.

The objective of the activation was to deliver a dominant yet open architecture providing exposure to all parts of the business irrespective of approaches to the booth.

The focal point was the 5x5x5 metre cube, with floor to ceiling mirror screens giving an infinity effect. The internal space accommodated an internal media briefing suite. Screen content was developed from FIAS 18 and IDEX 19 providing an evolution of the corporate narrative. The briefing suite included introductions to all defence sectors specific to BAE Systems.

20 bespoke exhibits boasted integrated AV, clear plasma screens, apps with bespoke content and integral lighting.

Large exhibits (land vehicle, air platforms) were given an extra dimension through using four 3m x 2m free standing technology surfaces to reveal a product in detail within an app sequence.

Multiple lighting techniques were integrated seamlessly to enhance exhibits and zones within the booth. Every detail of exhibit, rig, floor and environment had a carefully programme piece of the stand lighting design. Choreographed throughout

Light touch way finding was used both in approach to and within the booth as well as four peripheral sites:
– Dockside ships
– Waterborne demo
– Concourse display
– Media centre

The overall design facilitated real demos, brand and display techniques across the show floor e.g.: Future cockpits; mission planning, cyber security, advanced manufacturing, platforms, and data analytics.

The Results

Project features provided strength of brand perception and a layered story telling capability that surprised even the defence technologists.
Translucent features redefined how apps connect to the exhibits. All concepts adopted at a global level and to be rolled out across all tier one shows and exhibitions. Thereby maximising the re-use of assets and expanding consistency across all customer activation.
All stand staff from around the globe have subsequently been provided with information and content templates to recreate some of the features for local events, conference and internal communications purposes.
The result was a huge transformation in how the BAE Systems story is told using latest technology and how those messages are communicated to customers.

Following DSEI, M has received continued praise and industry recognition for the achievements in brand hierarchy, customer journey, and the ability to portray a diverse and large organisation in a consistent and singular brand activation.