BAE Systems DSEI Exhibition

BAE Systems DSEI Exhibition


Agency: M-is

Client: BAE Systems

Event Name: DSEI 2019

Agency Website:

The Brief

BAE Systems is a leading global defence company. A technology led, innovation focused, forward leaning organisation defining the future technology of defence.

DSEI has become a primary event on BAE’s global exhibition programme, providing the opportunity for a full and in-depth presentation of BAE Systems capability and innovation.

The brief included delivering new techniques and experiences for DSEI which could then be deployed across global exhibition programme.

The brief also included evolution of BAE vertical sector exhibits (i.e. air, sea, satellite) delivering engaging content in innovative ways to an audience well versed in this sector.

M were tasked to develop features and content with longevity, to be deployed easily across the globe, efficiently. In 2019 we are still using assets created for DSEI 2013, our brief requested such long term re-use of any new features or elements.

The Solution

All stock produced for DSEI is made with a purpose of future use, we minimise scrapping or reproduction.
Items will be deployed across the global programme (15+ events annually), and are made available to the business for loan for all available conference, exhibitions and shows attended by BAE Systems.

M encourages the re-use of stock to several reasons:
• To deliver greater value to BAE Systems
• To standardise approach and ensure consistency of messaging and brand
• Minimise use of materials and waste
• Ease the planning process, work with known pieces without constant re-invention leading to time and cost efficiency without compromising the original creative idea.

M created a collection of re-useable assets, both physical and digital. M works closely with BAE to communicate the success and availability of these elements, and to share across the organisation at all events. To join the business in standardisation, and to maximise the use of existing assets.

The Activation

Key elements that will be re-used:
Bespoke modular approach to all items delivering a true story telling capability with longevity

19 bespoke exhibit benches, each with
– Consistent digital app and standardised messaging platform
– Integrated clear plasma screen to provide the demo content and 2nd tier – Information by looking through the screen and beyond
– Integrated lighting to define the space and highlight the physical exhibit
– Integrated storage and hidden cables / devices
– Detachable legs for compact freight
– High quality and robust surface finishes to enable ease of handling
without damage.

4 Technology Surface, glass projection wall
– Consistent digital app and standardised messaging platform
– High definition image on translucent surface, enabling messaging / demo with a translucent view to the life sized exhibit
– Integrated storage and hidden cables / devices
– High quality and robust surface finishes to enable ease of handling without damage

– All content made with the purpose of being used across the global programme.
– Scalable to be used across multiple show sizes, and onto standard 16:9 ratio screens
– Enabling the rental of affordable LED screens, in region.
– Light version of cube media on portrait ascreen
– 15 x exhibit demo apps and four projection surface apps

The architectural 6 m high legs and ‘blades’ spanned the stand footprint and all are stored for re-use at Farnborough International Air Show. All meeting room furniture designed to be bespoke to the BAE brand will re re-used across the global programme.

The Results

New stock assets that have already supported several global events (DSEI Japan, Dubai Air Show, DefExpo India, Internal Conferences, Expodefensa Columbia, Technology Showcase private function). Content and artwork digital assets that are being deployed by teams in the US and Asia Pac.

A reduced planning duration for future events. By using existing assets, building on the success rather than creating new, we can deliver vast efficiency and enable the planning team to focus on overarching creativity and delivering a robust solution.

BAE Systems had a significant presence at the tri-service event, with a 1,846 m2 stand, eight meeting rooms, a large hospitality space for serving lunches, and an informal coffee area. There was attendance from all of BAE Systems’ business units, who were able to host meetings in the hospitality spaces, as well as on the show floor and offsite.
The adaptable stand space, enabled several key functions and presentations to be hosted during the event, including the BAE Systems Reception totalling 400 key guests. In total 896 meetings were held during DSEI. 69% of meetings took place on the first two days of the event, with Wednesday being the busiest day of the show. Furthermore, two media briefings a day were held inside the cube. 48 different countries were met with over the course of the week.

At DSEI, M proved the display techniques, establishing the blueprint, and setting the precedent for the coming 12 month period. At subsequent events (AUSA Washington, Dubai Air Show) we saw fellow exhibitors following our trend, some attempting to copy our integrated use of AV, content, and installation.

Following DSEI, M has received continued praise and industry recognition for the achievements in brand hierarchy, customer journey, and the ability to portray a diverse and large organisation in a consistent and singular brand activation.