BAE Systems – FIAS 2018

BAE Systems – FIAS 2018


  • Best Stand 1000sqm and over – BRONZE
  • Best Use of Technology – PLATINUM
  • Best stand at a Defence or Security Event – PLATINUM

Agency: M-integrated solutions

Client: BAE Systems

Event Name: Farnborough International Air Show 2018

Agency Website:






The Brief:  

Position the brand: use the event as a platform to support efforts to modernise the image of the Company and position it as an innovative, technology-led and customer-centric business.
Support business winning: show how products and services give customers a military or commercial advantage, and create an environment that supports positive engagement with customers.
Demonstrate our world leading electronic combat capabilities, our proven survivability and targeting systems, and the advanced technologies we are bringing to commercial aviation.
Include benefits for our supply chain and the wider UK economy.
Position BAE Systems as a partner of choice and our commitment to transferring knowledge, skills and technology to support the growth of national defence industries.
Tell our skills story: show how we invest in the development and promotion of STEM related skills; and make the most of the Futures Day.


The Solution:

A dedicated 3,000 sqm hall was turned into the BAE Systems base for the duration of this premier air show. This scale and ambition was necessary because Farnborough is massive, a platform for some 1,400 exhibitors from the aerospace, defence, space and security sectors to showcase and demonstrate aircraft, equipment and technologies.

BAE Systems was positioned as an innovative, technology-led and customer-centric business. All displays, graphics, content and comms activities were aligned to the agreed objectives and storyline.

The central feature of the exhibit was a 5m square, high definition, LED cube. The media playing on the cube explained to the viewer the challenges that BAE Systems and their customers face in the current operating environment. The media then went on to demonstrate the solutions that BAE Systems have in place to counter act these challenges. The experience of the cube was intensified with a mirrored ceiling and floor skirt giving the impression that the cube extended infinitely. This impressive LED structure was the cornerstone of the hall and pivotal to every exhibit. It provided a visual reference point unifying the diverse and impressive technology within the hall.

A large, effective media centre was created, so too a back office for the BAE Systems team who were on-site. Everything in this respect was prepared to facilitate the media launch of the future fighter in collaboration with key partners under the name, Team Tempest.

Catering kitchens, private dining rooms, meeting areas and dwell spots were created, all to the highest standard. VIPs and dignitaries were hosted here.

Additionally, an extra emphasis was placed on promoting STEM and engaging a younger audience on the Future’s Day and Public weekend. New interactive displays were installed for the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with engagement from the early careers team.



The LED cube created by M for the centre of the dedicated BAE hall was a carefully crafted experience. An LED cube, in itself, is not wholly unusual. But surrounded by mirrors, displaying no joins, it became a true spectacle. A natural pathway was created through BAE Systems technologies, leading to this central point and beyond it to the all-important Typhoon aircraft (Typhoon was amongst the journey, not the end point. The success at FIAS was to journey through all technologies and capabilities end arrive at the Future Fighter, the FF ultimately be made and innovated with all of the elements seen on that journey), its story told through interactive offerings, and on to the future fighter display.

Each exhibit was brought to life, and the benefits of each were sold. That’s to say, in their presentation, we explained the reasons why more than the simple facts amounting to the what.

The future fighter concept and Team Tempest was revealed by the UK defence secretary Gavin Williamson. The launch was seamless and the media coverage resulting from it was wide and far-reaching.

Here are the technologies that M created for the show:
– Cube content through
– AR for poster and social media concept
– Animated infographics for Future Fighter
– Filming throughout and social media releases during the event
– Live streaming of ther flying display to hospitaility and media space
– Integrated video content into architecture (LED screens for AIR in blade column)
– LED content for front of hall, incorporating RAF 100 content
– Audio presentation solutions for the FF cockpit (DB provided a load of tech to link the cockpit to the presenter)
M-is used conventional materials but applied them cleverly, minimal cost for max results!


The Result:

The BAE Exhibition Hall became a focal point for the company’s various key audiences, be they governmental – including national leaders – defence ministry officials internationally, as well as the competitors that BAE partners with.

The unveiling of the concept future fighter and the launch of the Government’s Combat Air Strategy was a great success.

One of the challenges faced was to ensure the future fighter concept did not overshadow Typhoon. This was addressed through graphics and messaging in the exhibition hall, outdoor advertising around the show ground and online, and by maximising the benefits of having Eurofighter and their full-size replica on the adjacent site.

BAE Systems achieved dominant social media, search and web presence all week compared to all competitors.

BAE Systems hosted 55 delegations from 40 countries. There was a space increase of 10% and 5% inflationary increase on the cost of materials from 2016.

Another success could be the re-use of the cube. Its popularity has been huge and requests to use it across the programme are frequent. It’s deployable in most spaces with kit available for rent in most regions, clever content:
R&D day for MAD, central London – a ½ size sube (complete)
IDEX 2019, Abu Dahbi, booked for Feb 19
LIMA 2019, Langkawi, considered as a 2D entity variant
DSEI 2019, London, will be FIAS again with greater content
Content is constantly evolving, generic with some refinements for regional tone.