Beach Energy at APPEA

Beach Energy at APPEA


Agency: Expo Centric

Client: Beach Energy

Event Name: APPEA (Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association)

Agency Website:

The Brief

Beach Energy is Australia’s leading mid-cap oil and gas company headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia. They were founded in 1961 and have been a leader in the industry for over 5 decades.

3 months prior to exhibiting at APPEA 2019 Beach Energy rebranded. As part of their rebranding strategy they contracted Expo Centric to assist them in utilising exhibition marketing as their main activity in the rebranding exercise.

They believed that using an exhibition strategy incorporating APPEA would help them achieve the greatest levels of acknowledgement and recognition as APPEA is the southern hemispheres largest oil and gas exhibition. This is the premier show where energy professionals go to connect and engage with the leaders, influencers, and drivers of the oil and gas industry.

They required their exhibition stand at APPEA to showcase the new branding, while also demonstrating to attendees Beach Energys’ full capabilities and their commitment to the industry.

The Solution

In order for Beach Energy to achieve the level of recognition they desired; a large island floor space was booked that had foot traffic on all 4 sides, increasing their presence.

Being an island floor space, the design of the exhibition space needed to be open plan and inviting from all 4 sides.

For Beach Energy to portray their new branding messages and capabilities, multiple elements would be included to convey these messages, such a TV’s displaying branding messaging, visual graphics and printed brand messages.

To highlight the new branding, the stand design was to look bright, light, natural and with majority blue and white to reflect the brand colours.

The Activation

The Beach Energy exhibition stand was built with a combination Aluvision OMNI-55+ frames, custom build elements and rigged bulkhead and lighting.

The inclusion of the rigged bulkhead had two purposes; to create a strong brand presence that could be seen from every angle around the stand and also to clear floor space to create the open plan feeling that was desired.

The custom elements of the stand were the reception counter, side desk consoles and reception back wall. The inclusion of these custom elements ensured that the brand looked ‘fresh’ and unique as no other stand would have these elements.

The use of Aluvision OMNI-55+ frames in construction allowed the stand design to be flexible and use curved walls to achieve a soft natural flow.

The floor plan was specifically designed to facilitate the customer journey from multiple entry points (being an island stand). Attendees could enter from any side of the stand and freely move around the stand viewing different brand messaging elements. A semiprivate meeting area was also included to progress high value attendees further down the customer journey, but still keep the look of the stand open and inviting.

To help highlight Beach Energy’s new branding multiple touch points were included. The stand included two televisions showing video content and printed graphics featured heavily helping to convey the messages through imagery. The brand history, vision and mission statements were also printed onto stand walls to convey their commitment to the industry.

To achieve the bright and natural feel of the stand many elements were introduced. Halo lighting was rigged to provide ample lighting while still looking modern. Some of the custom elements also had strip LED lighting. Timber was used throughout the stand including the reception counter, benchtop and feature walls to introduce natural elements. To further enhance the natural feel of the stand a large vertical green wall as built.

The Results

The result was a very attractive yet functional designed exhibition stand, that encouraged the attendees on a journey of discovery about the Beach Energy brand.

The brand presence was dominating and could be viewed from all access point to the stand.

The project was a talking point of the exhibition with much attention from other exhibitors and attendees.