Belgium Pavilion

Belgium Pavilion


Agency: ExpoGlobal Group

Client: Wallonia Export & Investment Agency; Flanders Investment and Trade

Event Name: Gulfood 2021

Agency Website:

The Brief

ExpoGlobal group has been working in cooperation with Belgium Pavilion since the beginning of 2018 based on a 3-year contract. In early 2020 we began the tender process by submitting a brand new modern yet industrial design keeping our contract and partnership firmly in place. Our client wanted the pavilion to answer an upmarket luxurious standard whilst keeping the price manageable and that is exactly what we did.

The Belgium Pavilion has a constant presence in the biggest trade shows of the Middle East, such as: Gulfood, ArabHealth, MedLab, ADIPEC and BIG 5. One of the main concepts of the stand was to be reusable as well as eco-friendly for each event starting with Gulfood 2021.

The Middle East exhibition market and Gulfood 2021 in particular has a very high and tensed level of competition. The Middle Eastern trade market in general offers a lot of opportunities for businesses worldwide and most of the international brands are in search of ways to present themselves there. Our clients are not the exception having 40 exhibitors’ booths from all over Belgium which is why it was Important to highlight the Pavilion and catch the attention of the visitors and passers-by. The idea was clear, although quite a challenge considering it was one of the first large international shows in post-covid realities and all the exhibitors were doing their best to get as much positive attention as possible.

While creating the design concept we also had to consider all the safety guidelines and create a healthy environment for both exhibitors and visitors of the Pavilion.

The Solution and Activation

Belgium is a fast-developing country with its own traditions and views. It has a reach architecture where modern details are organically implemented into classic architectural buildings. We wanted to show this on our Pavilion design: trellised vertical wooden strips visually make the walls appear higher and create the effect of the depth. We accentuated the light boxes on the edge of the partition walls so they would function as an eye-catcher. We equipped each booth with neutral and modern furniture as to not take any attention away from the main design but to instead help to use the space at a maximum.

While creating the design concept we wanted to give the pavilion a modern and an industrial look and feel. We came up with the trellised wood facade idea as the natural wood is also a trend in exhibition stand designs. The facade has a friendly welcoming appeal to it, in contrast with the shiny luxury surfaces popular in the designs. This Nordic aesthetic is an inviting element and it was one of the elements that won the jury for our design in the tender for this Pavilion.
We added street lamps on top of the trellis fascia, these not only looked unique but most importantly increased the visibility and provided optimal lighting to each exhibitor’s space, not to mention that they were custom designed and made.

We made the Belgium logo in classic 3D to be attached to the trellis for more visibility in the hall. It is also important to mention that we always find ways and solutions to implement smart and easy methods within the stand construction process. Our logos are completely reusable and will look new after multiple uses because they are attached to the trellis using very strong magnets. It reduces time, labor and makes it look even more tidy and clean.

Along with the big “Belgium sign” we created a “you gotta love Belgium” slogan sign. This is to give a vibe of the retro-look of neon lighting. It’s an attention catcher and looks particularly stylish. Our clients have a strict brand book covering every way they express themselves through a corporate like identity with logo, colours, slogans…and yet they adopted it. The slogan truly stood out for all the right reasons.
We are very proud of the way our cable management is organized as it’s completely hidden and safe. All the wires go behind the walls and beneath the floor.
Belgium Pavilion has 500 sqm of graphics and 100 sqm of fabrics. Graphics are produced in high resolution with rich color printing finished with a very clean matte finish.

Taking in consideration that we are still living in a Pandemic world; we’ve provided more than the exhibition required in reference to the safety measurements:
– All the info counters were supplied with sneeze guards;
– Every booth had sanitizer for cleaning and for hands, masks, gloves;
– Every booth had max capacity signs and social distancing stickers.

Gulfood is a food and beverage show so our exhibitors needed to be able to store their products to keep them fresh and tasty. That is why the Pavilion has a big hidden kitchen and storage.

Our clients required one full day to move in the stand so we always have one day less for the build-up, which is why we have to organize everything smartly to follow the given deadline and to provide the excellent results considering a huge amount of work that needed to be completed. The Belgium Pavilion is 350 sqm in size!

We are proud to say that our stand is considered to be eco-friendly. Belgium Pavilion is made of high-quality materials, carefully looked after so the materials can be reused. The materials will be used to construct the pavilion repeatedly in future events. The next event where the pavilion will be present again is at ArabHealth and MedLab (Dubai, UAE, 2021).

The Results

It was very hard to predict any kind of result considering Gulfood 2021 was the first big international show in new realities. The numbers of visitors were lower but fortunately the quality of visitors was higher. The attendees were mostly people who were interested in building new business relations which was great news for the exhibitors across the board. Our exhibitors were pleased with the hundreds of potential clients and distributors they met on the grounds of the show.

The show itself was well advertised in Dubai and the UAE in general which of course gave an additional advertising impact for each Pavilion and exhibition stand present on the Venue.

The main aspect is that the show was held in a safe and healthy environment which proved the ability of the exhibition industry to function again.