Bombardier at EBACE 2019

Bombardier at EBACE 2019


Agency: 2Heads Global Design

Client: Bombardier

Event Name: EBACE 2019

Agency Website:

The Brief

The European Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (EBACE) is the premier event and annual meeting place for the European business aviation community and the only major European event focused solely on business aviation. Held in Geneva, the three-day event attracts 400 exhibiting companies, covering more than 40,000 square metres.
A leader in private flight, Bombardier challenged 2Heads to use its presence at EBACE to reinforce its corporate brand, showcase their range of aircraft and deliver high-performance hospitality for guests that Bombardier is known for.
The key focus was the client journey and discrete separation of customers and partners. Bombardier sought to use the event to host partner suppliers and existing customers to maintain influence on the business aviation sector, whilst at the same time achieving business aims through the discrete separation of VVIPs to the sales and hospitality suites for whom the entire experience was a reflection of the quality and prestige expected when purchasing a business aircraft

Key KPIs were to engage with at least half of all show attendees and to amplify Bombardier’s brand to a wider audience.
2Heads was working with a budget of $1.2m plus $150,000 to create a realistic static display of an aircraft. The stand size was 1,117sqm.

The Solution

2Heads recognised innovation and quality was at the heart of Bombardier’s brief, alongside the desire to showcase its corporate branding. The agency saw the opportunity to create a unique experiential art piece that would set Bombardier apart. Partnering with pioneering US sculptor and perceptual artist, Michael Murphy, 2Heads created a creative installation that harnessed 70 photographic prints suspended in midair, requiring 360-degree engagement from visitors.

These prints used elements from Bombardier’s corporate branding to create more than an image or object, but an experience for all attendees. There was an emphasis on the viewer’s perception and how this is transformed with the intention of creating a lasting impression long after show.

From one side, a Bombardier jet was visible and as viewers walked around, the prints broke apart to form the Bombardier logo. This created a system of reward and moment of surprise for viewers once they realised the transformation and led to many visitors returning to take their own photos, helping to spread Bombardier’s message and reinforcing its commitment to innovation.
The agency also created a range of comfortable environments for guests to enjoy including meet and greet areas for general attendees to linger and a prominent reception counter where people were then invited into the hospitality atrium where the art piece was visible (no physical barriers).

For the VVIP experience a series of touchpoints were created to demonstrate the innovation and detail that reinforces Bombardier’s industry leading credentials. Central to this was a one-to-one mock-up of a cabin interior that showed light features, including the latest soleil lightening system which helps combat jet lag/travel fatigue.

2Heads also installed six primary meeting rooms and one VVIP sales suite to feature product demos, specs and material examples. There was also a VVIP longue and a chairman’s meeting room, plus dining facilities for 65 people (silv

The Activation

The activation harnessed the expertise within 2Heads’ Client Ops, Logistics, Project Finance, Client Services, Production, Creative Direction, 3D Design, Technical, R&D while using its Digital Content & Executive Director James Simpkins as the project lead, in addition to 120 supplier partners.
A static display on the runway finished off the holistic brand experience with photo opportunities and a selection of Bombardier’s latest jets.
Focusing on key brand messaging, 2Heads showcased Bombardier’s ‘exceptional by design’ forward thinking, attentive persona through the design of its EBACE show experience.
2Heads successfully created a luxurious, high-end branded environment with VVIP and hospitality and dining areas, vignette, meeting rooms and an inviting reception space. Technology was at the heart of the activation and all meetings were managed by 2Heads proprietary meeting management tool EventHive that simplified meeting management for Bombardier staff by tracking meetings throughout the event and eliminating empty meeting rooms.

The Results

The brief was exclusively about building the Bombardier brand and solidifying its position as a global aerospace leader. The nature of this lends itself to varying degrees of access, as not all of us are potential buyers of business aircraft, and as such the project is based upon the ability to create multiple experience pathways as different for visitors as they are discretely guided to personalised experiences depending on their status to Bombardier.

2Heads wanted all attendees that visited the experience to be welcomed but buyers were provided with extra levels of attention including live demonstrations and a level of hospitality that equated to their importance to Bombardier.

The challenge was not to hint that this discrete selection took place and to ensure all delegates left with a positive feeling about Bombardier and all it represents to each individual, be it luxury, creativity, reliability or performance. The activation perfectly provided the balance of experiences that all visitors wanted and the feedback from Bombardier reflected this.

Industry influencers including, shared the stand on social media channels allowing the experience to spread beyond the show floor. Similarly, artist Michael Murphy shared the stand on WeChat, reinforcing Bombardier’s brand in this important market.