Brand Collaboration at its Best

Brand Collaboration at its Best


Agency: Dijon Designs

Client: Barclays / Barclaycard

Event Name: Car Dealer Expo (CDX) / Business Travel Show (BTS)

Agency Website:

The Brief

Barclays and Barclaycard required separate stands at two shows in 2019. Each brand had very different audiences, messages, requirements and objectives but shared a common brand identity. Our design team were set to task to deliver a high quality representation of the Barclays brand with lots of interactive elements to attract and deliver the messages.

Both stands had a similar overall size, but one was open all four sides and the other was open on three with a neighbouring back wall.

Considerations in the brief included methods to attract the audience with strong branding, be instantly recognisable and have elements that allowed the sales teams to easily engage with the audience and deliver some strong marketing messages about each product.

Seating areas were key to the stand space for pre-arranged meetings and adhoc bookings through the day to create an engaging environment.

The Solution

Dijon developed a beautiful stand with sweeping lines that drew the audience in. Logos were halo lit for maximum impact on the busy show flow and our team used corporate colours with bespoke elements. The stand was also flexible in its design and manufacture to ensure it could be successfully delivered at both events.

A large video wall featured on the stand with LED tiles flush fitted to the walls, the overhead structure flowed from one area to the next ensuring the delegates were drawn into the space and we incorporated engaging and immersive elements into the stand design.

Messages on the stand were highlighted by using 3D effects or lighting, LED tiles were set into a curve with beautiful wave of lights to encourage visitors to enter. To differentiate distinct areas on the stand, we incorporated the clients’ brand colour pallet, professional staff were employed to help with the running the stand engagements and attract delegates.

For Car Dealer Expo, the sweeping fascia became a representation of a flag sweeping across the stand space at high level to highlight the ‘True Partnership’ headline message. The fascia was supported by three pillars which represented Barclays core values: Innovation, Conduct, People and these were backlit to draw attention to and underline their importance.

The fascia terminated at a brand icon of the car wheel where we located a LED screen to the meeting side of the stand and and activation to the other.

The Activation

Engaging and immersive experiences were incorporated into the design of both stands. At Car Dealer Expo, for example, we used a VR car simulator on the stand as a fun method of activation. Both stands had beautifully served Barsita style coffee in branded cups, ‘selfies’ were encouraged with friends, colleagues and staff in an automated booth that also captured data and delegates were encouraged to share their images and experience via social media to maximise the impact of the stands to a wider audience outside of the exhibition hall.

Staff were highly trained and expertly briefed and had an easy hook with such an interactive stand. Delegates were entertained and informed about new products and messages around service and left the stand with a clear and lasting memory of a great experience.

Both projects were delivered within a limited time due to brand and stakeholder approval.

Both stands brought the Barclays and Barclaycard brands to life – this was achieved through close collaboration with our client and their marketing communications agency.

The Results

The stand received fantastic feedback not only from the organisers of the show, its delegates and venue management, but also from a wider audience via social media .