Brewdog Punk State

Brewdog Punk State


Agency: Xquisite Productions

Client: Brewdog

Event Name: Brewdog Punk State

Agency Website:

The Brief

After a very successful 2018 Punk State mobile test tour, our client Amplify asked us to build a mobile experience for sampling of Brewdog Punk State beer that could activate in as many locations as possible. The short fallings from the previous year were that the artic lorry was too large for a lot of locations but our client needed as much footprint as possible with additional furniture that could be packed away into the vehicle. The client also needed refrigeration for the samples.

The Solution

Our client, Amplify, provided us visuals of an 18 tonne truck with a fold down stage and lift up canopy for cover. Within this was a custom built fridge using a sliding door for access. An internal bar was planned along with custom seating, a large roof sign and other furniture.

The Activation

Xquisite procured an 18 tonne donor vehicle. We cut the side out completely and created a steel internal structure. Using steel box section and GRP we fabricated a full size side hatch and using aluminium box section and ply we fabricated a fold down stage. We raised the internal floor to keep the stage and floor level the same. A custom hydraulic system was built to lift the large side hatch with a lock out feature for safety. On the side hatch was an aluminium frame to house the large Brewdog signage which folded flat for transportation. A winch was used to lower and raise the stage floor which used legs to keep level.

A custom fabricated walk in fridge was created at one end using insulated GRP materials. A side loading door allows pallet of stock to be forklifted straight in and a plexiglass sliding door is used for the consumer facing side. A refrigerated unit was used at the front of the box.

All external furniture was fabricated or sourced in keeping with the theme. The steps to the front were built using ply and broke down into several sections allowing ease of rig. The handrails were fabricated and use key clamps for ease of rig.

The entire set was broken down and fitted into the trailer for transport and could be rigged and de-rigged by 2 crew (one driver and one rigger).

Xquisite produced the build, provided the logistics and all maintenance of the vehicle for a 20 location tour across the UK and Europe.

The Results

The tour was a huge success and our client Amplify as well as Brewdog had excellent results with sample numbers and build reliability. The truck was able to visit more locations as it was smaller than the previous artic and the footprint was still the same. The fridge worked incredibly well allowing samples to be chilled to the correct temperature throughout the live activity.