Brightstar @ Mobile World Congress 2018

Brightstar @ Mobile World Congress 2018

Award: Best Stand at a Technology Event – DIAMOND

Agency: GES

Client: Brightstar

Event Name: Mobile World Congress

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The Brief:  

Brightstar, a leading global distributor of mobile devices, wanted to reposition its brand—from a simple logistics provider into a trusted partner that could provide innovative solutions and insights for a wide range of challenges in the wireless world. As part of its strategy to achieve that, it briefed GES to help it make a major impact at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February 2018—the world’s biggest event of the year in the mobile industry.

GES’ task was to reflect Brightstar’s evolution through a new and impactful presence at the show. It required a pavilion that could convey the company’s new image as a source of deep expertise and cutting edge technology, while retaining a strong reputation for its core services. One of Brightstar’s mantras is to surprise and delight its customers: its aim at Mobile World Congress was to do exactly that.


The Solution:

At the heart of the pavilion concept was a journey through Brightstar’s ecosystem. The idea was to lead every visitor on a structured tour of the company’s mobile expertise and high-tech solutions, in a way that was flexible enough to meet multiple aims, such as generating a pipeline of prospective clients, nurturing existing clients and engaging with industry influencers and analysts. The journey also had to be personalised to the needs of different types of pavilion visitors, including manufacturers, carriers, retailers and technology enterprises.

We had collaborated with Brightstar at Mobile World Congress before, and plans for the 2018 were developed based on previous experiences and the core aims of Brightstar’s repositioning. They resulted in a vision of a journey that started with an immersive introduction to the brand, using a NASA Mission Control-style interactive array of multiple screens showing video, live feeds and interactive content, which visitors could interrogate with the guidance of Brightstar’s expert team.

This first stage enabled Brightstar to assess the needs of each stand visitor. They could then be escorted to various product pods for in-depth discussions about Brightstar’s solutions, enhanced by more interactive content and Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences.

The next step of the journey was to the pavilion’s ‘Data Hub’, a space where customers could dive deeper into specific issues and Brightstar’s ability to help. From there, discussions could continue within ‘Bright Lab’ meeting rooms. The final stop on the journey was the pavilion’s VIP area, which included a ‘secret’ Ice Bar where visitors could relax and enjoy refreshments in a secluded environment modelled on an exclusive members club.


The Activation:

The Brightstar pavilion was a huge undertaking that was brilliantly executed. We conceived and delivered an installation covering around 8,000 square feet across two floors. Its standout features included:

• A show-stopping entrance, including a video arch made up of 2.6 million LED lights and 88 panels
• An ultra-modern and sleek reception desk
• Five immersive ‘Product Pods’ to display Brightstar’s solutions
• Comfortable and spacious lounge area for casual discussions
• Six ‘Bright Lab’ rooms for private meetings
• Three semi-private seating pods
• Three fully-equipped boardrooms
• Staircase to a VIP upper deck
• VIP meeting suite including Ice Bar
• Retail area
• Bar and kitchen space
• Staff and IT rooms

The project execution included structure building, graphics production and the construction of bespoke furniture. The many different aspects of the pavilion were harmonised by clean and uncluttered design, incorporating modern white spaces with bright colour palettes.

Alongside these traditional show delivery services, our specialist AV company Blitz delivered the following cutting-edge solutions:

• Touchscreens throughout the pavilion
• Three Virtual Reality experience areas
• Projection mapping and digital content creation
• 120 LED panels inside the stand, along with a full lighting rig
• AV meeting rooms
• An automated smoke machine at the entrance to the VIP Ice Bar.

Our unique capabilities as a full services supplier meant we could seamlessly deliver every aspect of Brightstar’s requirements. By bringing the creative vision to life in dynamic and high-tech style, we perfectly illustrated Brightstar’s repositioning as a forward-thinking partner at the leading edge of wireless technology.


The Result:

Brightstar’s pavilion delivered two big benefits. First, a memorable experience for new and existing customers at Mobile World Congress that led to superb levels of engagement and potential business. And second, a very effective means of communicating the evolution of Brightstar’s brand and vision.

Deftly leading guests through the company’s offer, the pavilion changed perceptions of Brightstar—from a product-led company to a service-focused offer with the customer at the heart.

Post-show figures show the extent of the stand’s impact:

• 1,226 engagements with prospective and existing customers and influencers
• A remarkable 58% increase in visitor numbers on 2017’s Mobile World Congress
• Around 400 meetings—more than one every five minutes, and including some 130 walk-ons
• 300 ‘Brightstar MobileLife’ sessions to introduce the brand and its services
• 86 recorded business opportunities—39% more than 2017’s total
• 15,232 Twitter impressions—197% more than in 2017

Perhaps the ultimate accolade for Brightstar’s presence at Mobile World Congress was the award for Stand of the Show from organiser GSMA—for the second year running. This brought the new-look brand to the attention of even more people.

One Mobile World Congress visitor said: “A stunningly awesome stand… better than any others.” For more testimonials and images of the spectacular pavilion, please see our supporting material.