CHALLENGE: Create an experience

CHALLENGE: Create an experience


Agency: DCE agency

Client: Atomos

Event Name: IBC 2019

Agency Website:

The Brief

Atomos’s vision is to invent and deliver groundbreaking and disruptive technologies that enhance, simplify and ultimately democratise video content creation. They tasked DCE Agency with the challenge of not only creating a stand that could visually represent their brand, product and vision but also producing an experience that visitors would take notice of, engage with and ultimately, remember. IBC is the World’s most influential media, entertainment and technology show with over 156,000 visitors from 150 countries, in 2019 they had over 1,700 exhibitors. The brief for the stand was clear – simple yet impressive, high tech yet user friendly and high spec yet sustainable.

Atomos are market leaders globally, IBC 2019 was an opportunity for them to further penetrate the European market. The objective of the stand on this occasion was to engage visitor’s attending the event, create a buzz and really showcase the Atomos product range and technology. The vision wasn’t to try and sell as many units as possible, but to engage as many people as possible by designing an experience they’d never encountered at an exhibition show previously. This was a chance to reengage with existing customers; showcasing their new range, offering product demonstrations and building upon their already reputable brand. Secondly, they had the opportunity to showcase their ranges to new audiences who may not have discovered the Atomos range. In a diluted market and at the busiest technology exhibition in the World, the challenge was on.

The Solution

Atomos’s stand was the centre piece of the show, the one stand that people couldn’t just walk pass. Prominent, engaging and accessible to both long standing Atomos customers & those who are just discovering the brand. A stand where everyone felt inspired & able to explore.

The large arches that formed the main structure were designed based on the Atomos logo & used RGWB tape lighting to enlighten the archways. Each diode was individually programmed to create a lighting experience like no other.

The structure & initiative lightning would catch a visitor’s eye. To make sure the stand was heard, a DJ booth was included in the top of the archway which attracted visitors to the structure… How did we make them stay & explore? The answer was simple, we had to create an atmosphere that they didn’t want to leave. They were learning, enjoying themselves & had various elements to engage with. We designed the space to encompass a coffee stand with a professional barista who served amazing coffee to customers. A newly designed range wall gave clear overviews of the products & tech used, whilst Atomos’s newest NEON monitor range was displayed in a dark room.

Upstairs, we included a private, soundproof meeting space which offered a refined, professional experience whilst still maintaining an inviting and engaging offering downstairs. Atomos had decided that they wanted to give back at this event & we were able to project manage the competitions for them, tens of thousands of pounds worth of product were won from both the Atomos ranges but also from business partners including Cannon, Panasonic and Nikon. One of the prizes was a prototype of a brand new Atomos product that isn’t available on the market yet & is one of just three in the world.

The amalgamation of the above created an integrated stand that was able to draw in the attention of visitors passing, not only sparking conversation about the tech used but also about the Atomos range. Challenge complete.

The Activation

As an exhibition and branding agency, the ability to be flexible and adaptable is imperative to our success. Both these skills were tested during the build of this stand as just 4 weeks before the show, we were asked to completely recreate the design. Atomos and DCE have partnered to create new and exciting ideas for several years, Atomos had confidence in DCE’s ability to able to utilise the previous stand structure but create a totally new experience for customers.

In order to create the stand showcased at IBC, Atomos and DCE went back to the core prinicples of the brand. They looked at what had worked in the past, and what hadn’t, to make clear improvements. Using the same steel skeleton that has been providing the structure of the stand for 5 years, DCE were able to reimagine, reconfigure and create something that felt brand new.

The whole project was designed, built and delivered within the 4 week time frame, exceeding the brief set and client expectation. The knowledge of the team and ability to work together meant that the stand was compliant, structurally sound and met regulations – as well as using technology brand new to the exhibition industry and of course, being completely aligned to the Atomos brand.

The Results

Atmos’s stand at IBC 2019 was the spectacle of the show, admired by visitors, other exhibition professionals and the show organisers. It stood proudly in the centre of the room, enlightening both the area and the atmosphere of the venue.

The positive impact that the stand made at the show can be demonstrated by the fact the stand was shortlisted by an independent panel of adjudicators for an award for being the best large stand at the show.

We asked 100 people two simple questions about the stand. Firstly, have you ever seen this technology used before and secondly, have you ever seen this technology used on an exhibition stand before. Our findings were that 98% haven’t seen this technology utilised before and what’s more, 100% of people said they had never seen this technology at an exhibition before.