ChemStream at InPrint 2019

ChemStream at InPrint 2019


Agency: ChemStream

Client: ChemStream

Event Name: INPRINT 2019

Agency Website:

The Brief

ChemStream mainly wanted 3 different goals:

1) To stand out from the other stands/a stand with Stopping Power:

Such print fairs are very technical and the stands are rather sparsely decorated, often cool. On the other hand, we wanted to create an inviting, warm impression with the visitors… a bit atypical for this type of fair.

2)  Raise questions about their business activities and attract the right target customers:

Because our activities are not easy to visualize (developing new inkjet ink formulations for the print industry on-demand) it was necessary to attract people so they would ask themselves questions about what we do exactly. In the past, we often brought along a printing system that was printing with our own developed inks, but the majority of the visitors thought we were making inkjet printers, while it was only there for demonstration purposes. We wanted to avoid this kind of bias.

3) Create a unique and striking Corporate image for Chemstream and have a modular structure, which is easy to re-use at next trade fairs:

We wanted to build up the stand like a puzzle, so that at a next trade fair, depending on the size of the next stand, we could reuse the same pieces according to a different arrangement.

The Solution

In contrast to the otherwise cool looking stands at the print fair, we were looking for a stand structure with a warmer look. That’s why we opted for natural materials in wood and sufficient spotlights to make the stand more attractive.

It was also important to have a place where we could explain about our activities and where things could be demonstrated, but also a place where we could sit quietly to discuss things or to rest for a while. That’s why we divided our stand in 2 zones: the ‘exhibition corner’ and the ‘one-to-one communication area’.

The first eye catcher visible for passengers in the aisles had to make our activities immediately clear, namely developing inks, and this ‘Inks for the Future’ had to be the leitmotif on the whole stand.

We then chose to make several cabinets in the ‘exhibition corner’, where each cabinet represents an expertise that ChemStream is good at: our References. A visitor can then go from one cabinet to another and inform themselves (or scan a QR code) to understand what knowledge ChemStream has to develop inks for new applications. The exhibitors can lead visitors from cabinet to cabinet, as a guide in a museum, and explain each cabinet. Show complex content in a very easy to understand way by using metaphors and historical quotes from famous scientists.

Very important for us was how to fill the cabinets, so that the visitors were sufficiently attracted. We agreed that people’s interest could be aroused through humour, exaggeration, beauty, movement, colour, light, etc. We agreed that we had to somehow trigger people’s senses and emotions.

For the ‘sitting area’ we chose to make a more quiet, yet not exclusive, lounge environment, to be able to have a quiet meeting or invite the public to take a break, by placing 2 comfortable design benches at the edge of the stand, so that people could always sit down, even with their backs to the stand. INVITE and WELCOME passengers to have a seat

The Activation

Together with a retired stand designer, we sat down a few times to discuss our stand goals. With his years of experience, he guided us through a series of possible looks and concepts, and at the same time we scanned the internet ourselves to see what atmosphere we wanted to display on our stand.
For the choice of a central message of the booth, we eventually came up with the title ‘Inks for the Future’. In our opinion, this was the best way to explain how ChemStream can serve its customers in the printing industry. As eye catchers for shaping this central message, we thought of both an artistic and a rather crazy, futuristic approach. The stand designer took the initiative to create a piece of art in which the sentence ‘Inks for the Future’ is projected on a tableau. As a second central object we provided a drone to which 2 print heads and ink supplies were attached, which we could hang centrally in the stand. This drone emphasizes our vison for the future and is also bold and funny in itself.
After agreeing on the overall atmosphere of the stand and choosing the red thread of the story, we came to the division of the stand into an active ‘exhibition corner’ and a quiet ‘sitting area’. For the ‘exhibition corner’ we decided which cabinets we would exhibit, with a matching story for each. For the ‘seating area’ we decided which furniture we would choose to generate as attractive an effect as possible.
After this, we involved a stand builder in the process who translated our ideas into objects and furniture. We gave a graphic designer texts and keywords that needed to be printed on signs and the like. He made something beautiful out of it and the stand builder took care of the prints and the assembly of the cabinets. The graphic designer designed a relevant background pattern and provided the necessary files for printing canvases that formed the background for the entire stand. The stand builder himself suggested matching lighting and took care of its elaboration.

The Results

The stand design was an open and exciting process of co-creation between scientists (Chemstream), stand designer, stand builder and graphic art designer.
Our staff was selected and trained for this exhibition (how to approach visitors/ how much time to spent at prospects/ which specific questions/ how to trace tyre kickers and competitors/ …..).

The stand turned out to be popular with the public. Many people were enthusiastic about the look and feel of the stand. They made many compliments about the choice of wooden frames, it gave a green and sustainable impression, very contemporary and very open.

Furthermore, the cupboards did indeed raise many questions. People were curious what the various exhibits meant, so that we as exhibitors could immediately tell our story.

Many people, who were perhaps not immediately interested in our activities, stopped and photographed our artwork with the title ‘Inks for the Future’. Apparently this was really appreciated as a work of art. The drone with the print heads was received with laughter, most people thought it was very funny.

Other exhibitors who have known us for years came to congratulate us on the stand and ask how we came to this end result.

What was most important to us in the end was that we could tell our story in a much more focused way. We were immediately able to make clear what our actual activities and services are, while in the past we often had difficulty transferring the essence of our activities at fairs.

Compared to former participations we could now quantify LEADS and split them into different categories (Qualified leads, Useful leads,…). Efficient follow up from these leads was already determined during the preparations of the fair (Plan the next visit).

We succeeded to position our company and to show our offering in a very clear way.
We created a fresh and lively image.
The impact of this Presence compared to a shell scheme stand is huge.