Award: Best Feature Area – DIAMOND

Agency: George P Johnson

Client: CISCO

Event Name: CISCO LIVE 2018

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Brief Description:

Cisco Live 2018 Barcelona was a self-funding education, advocacy and sales event targeting network engineers, IT Managers, CIOs, customers, prospects and influencers.

It was their highest attended event in the region, with 13,000+ attendees; the experience took place in Barcelona’s Fira venue from 29 January to 2 February 2018.

The primary purpose was to reinforce their position as the leading IT networking business in the world and specifically, in the EMEAR region.


Creativity & Innovation:

Centered around a week-long event marketing initiative, Cisco Live was supported by a 10-month program of communications across all media to promote the event, to drive attendance, and galvanize engagement with Cisco stakeholders.

First: the design of the event space itself. We took inspiration from the urban planning genius of Cerdà, the architect of modern-day Barcelona’s urban plan, to create an environment which encouraged a natural flow of attendees around the 80,000 SQM space

Theme: “You’re IT”—celebrating and rewarding participants as the hero men and women of IT, without whom there would be no innovation or advancement.

Keynote: A unique staging design meant that attendees entered the plenary via the stage, simultaneously seeing themselves broadcast on the 45m x 5m jumbo LED screen, celebrating their ‘You’re IT’ role.

VR Travellator Experience: The world’s first VR experience on a travelator.

And many more activations and activities with Cisco Technology at the core.



Each zone was planned like the Barcelona grid system, borrowing from Cerda’s vision. Allowing flow and easy access to each area of Cisco Live improved the delegate journey substantially from the previous year—a feat in itself considering the challenges presented by the large size of the venue.

The carpet was intrinsic to the creative theme. With the use of multiple (13) colours, cuts and textures it spanned 40000 square metres and required nearly 240 hours of planning and a team of 30 to deliver.

Each of the 31 breakout rooms required blended projection: this required two hours of “line-up time” per room, with a limited build time of four days; this required a planned and precise production schedule to insure all rooms were ready for client use within the four-day build time.

Digital experiences like Super Sphero Challenge and Hero Cityscape VR immersed attendees in a virtual smarter city and showcased Cisco technology in action.