Creaplan – Euroshop 2020

Creaplan – Euroshop 2020


Agency: Creaplan nv

Client: Creaplan nv

Event Name: Euroshop 2020

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The Brief

The idea was to design a creative stand in which the visitor enters a different world, so that they would forget they are at a trade fair, for just a moment. We invited them to enter the creative world of Creaplan, in our ‘Sea of inspiration’ where we immersed them in the latest customer experience technologies and design practices. We wanted to challenge ourselves to create a highly impactful stand with only a limited amount of space available.

The Solution and Activation

Our designers created a stand inspired by the ocean. The booth is made up of a minimal black shape lined with LED tiles on the inside, displaying moving images of a vivid ocean, giving the illusion of fish and sharks swimming around the visitors, making you forget for a moment that you’re at a fair, allowing you to dream and be inspired, making for a unique experience.

We also incorporated a LED strip in the floor, making it seem as if the ocean is moving under your feet including a shark passing by.

A stylish, playful bar with a seating area made up the centre of the stand. On the wall behind the bar, a printed visual of ice on water completes the whole.

Our designers finished with beautiful details, such as blue LED lines on the outside of the black shape, sleek and stylish furniture, the finishing strips, a custom designed bar and the highlighted abstract shark on the outside of the wall.

We optimised the available space by creatively using every wall, every corner and every detail, without making the whole seem too overwhelming.

The Results

The Creaplan stand attracted 150 new leads in 4 days. Our brand awareness was boosted (which we noticed in website traffic and social media engagement) and we fortified our image as experienced international stand builder with an international public.

Though the booth measured only 40 m², we created a wow-effect that left a lasting impression with our customers and visitors.