DeVilbiss DV1 Product Launch at Automechanika

DeVilbiss DV1 Product Launch at Automechanika

Award: Best Stand at an Automotive Event – BRONZE

Agency: JP Displays

Client: DeVilbiss Automotive Refinish

Event Name: Automechanika Frankfurt

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The Brief:  

We’ve been working with DeVilbiss for almost 30 years, evolving the stand designs over the years to match trends and exhibition technology. Coming into 2018 DeVilbiss had plans to launch a revolutionary new product in their DV1 Spray gun range at the Automechanika show 2018 in Frankfurt.
Giving us the opportunity and challenge to make a huge leap forward with the stand design. Changing the structure of the design to allow greater component reusability, adaptability to allow for a range of stand sizes and shapes for future exhibitions, whilst providing increased interaction between potential clients and products and also making the stand fresh and exciting.


The Solution:

The main concept of the stand was to create a semi enclosed interactive stand which would stand out from the crowd. This was achieved with bold illuminated graphics displaying the new product, attracting new clients to the stand. This was also achieved with the use of a large video wall to demonstrate the DV1 new spray gun in use.
To make the colours of the graphics and the new spray gun to be very prominent, the rest of the stand was dark in colour. This was to follow DeVilbiss brand guidelines, but with a slight twist of using a textured carbon fibre finish. The slightly enclosed design of the stand also allowed for a causal seating area for quick informal meetings and a bar area for refreshments with a large secure storage space behind that.


The Activation:

After many meetings with our client and our supply partners, we decided the best long term solution was to go with a modular/bespoke system from Aluvision, using a combination of bolt together solid frames and stretched printed fabrics on interlocking beams. This would allow us to reuse the parts to create stands of different scales in the future depending on budget and space available. The system would also be strong enough to be self supporting with no need for supporting columns in the middle of the stand, allowing plenty of space for the bespoke glass vitrines.
As most of the spray guns were going to be behind glass, we decided to add an interactive Hypebox display. This allowed users to click on parts of the spray gun to see how the clever little details work, with an animated video playing in front of the product itself. A HD screen was also added to allow our client to show their clients how to use the product via a specialist VR headset.


The Result:

The bespoke stand we built for DeVilbiss at Automechanika looked beautiful, the main challenge was to make the stand components light, strong and compact to be transported to Germany.
The displays need to be built to last as after the show some components were to be installed in their head office showroom.
The result was a very clean modern bespoke open looking stand with a feel of elegance to promote the revolutionary DV1 Spray gun.
The use of bright backlit framework really helped the colourful graphics to really ‘pop’ out from the monochrome stand.
The Carbon Fibre wrap applied to the main body of the panelling looked flat black from a distance, whilst adding extra texture, sparkle and colour once on the stand.
Incredibly we also hit our target of making the stand 98% reusable, with only the carpet having to be replaced. But even this was recycled as packaging around the fragile wrapped panels and units for transportation back from the show. All the metal work, graphics and AV equipment is ready to be added to or reduced for the next show