Digitalization, detail & design

Digitalization, detail & design


  • Best Stand 101-200sqm – SILVER
  • Best Stand at an Automotive Event – BRONZE

Agency: Expo Partner

Client: Nissens

Event Name: Automechanika 2016

Agency Website:





The Brief:  

We want our stand to be a real show-stopper.

Keywords: Less is more – light & bright, open & wide, simple but yet advanced.

Nissens will be located in a hall with the big and important players, much bigger than our 165 m2 – so it is VERY important that we will be able to stand out from the crowd
Keywords: Light & bright, open & wide, simple but yet advanced
Only one storage, but we need to be visible from the distance, meaning approx. 4-5 meter in height
We like the open spaces and to be visible from the distance but at the same time we need some of the sides to be closed/semi-closed.

3 multimedia elements – multimedia is to be the overall and bearing element of the stand!


The Solution:

We wanted to create a dynamic stand with interesting angles and views from wherever you meet the stand. Using the digital equipment we wanted to invite and create interaction between visitors and staff in the communication around the products.
A welcoming and loose atmosphere in the welcoming area was important, as Nissens wanted people to feel home. Furthermore a separate meeting area was of high importance for casual meetings. There was a fairly high need for storage, technician room and separate closed meeting rooms, so it was a challenge to make the booth open and light, but the hub banner around the stand area was superposed to make the area stand out and pinpoint the quite big standsize.


The Activation:

We made the solution using mostly Aluvision profiles spicing it with details and special designed podiums and displays for the Nissens products. Light details was added to podiums, and displays for the products to draw more attention to these areas. We received all the products and measured out and mounted them here at Expo Partner prior the exhibition, to make sure everything was in the right place. At delivery day, small adjustments was made alongside the staff from Nissens, to reach the final result.


The Result:

We are very pleased with the outcome of the look and design of the booth. The graphics delivered from Nissens advertising company, came very close to our first draft of drawings, and the blue notes with the white backdrop made the stand look clean and cool. The big attraction was the hologram cinema, and the interactive effects, which draw a lot people to visit the stand. Logistically the stand worked perfectly for all purposes around the stand, which was pleasing for us aswell as our customer. We achieved the goal of a show stopper which was bright and light in design, simple but yet advanced.