Disney Reimagined at MIPCOM

Disney Reimagined at MIPCOM


Agency: 2Heads Global Design

Client: Disney

Event Name: MIPCOM 2020

Agency Website: 2heads.com

The Brief

MIPCOM in Cannes, France is the highlight of the media industries calendar and the finale to a year of important events showcasing the content that will fill our screens in the months to come. Each year the benchmark for bold and beautiful branded spaces is raised and Disney, the world leader in media content production aims to be the standout activation of the show.

For all the media companies, production houses, distributors and executives that attend, Disney need the ultimate working space for them to network, attend screenings & panels, discuss opportunities and forge lasting relationships under a canopy of 360-degree immersive content.

To celebrate and promote a uber successful year, it was imperative to Disney that their space and attendee experience represented not only their past and present, but also their future. Sophisticated, innovative and imaginative were the key words and ‘all content under one studio’ was the tone needed for the experience. Disney required 2Heads to fully reimagine their presence at MIPCOM for 2019 with a space of total creativity and a modern studio for media that created a heightened visitor journey reflective of Disney’s status as the world’s leading media brand.

The Solution and Activation

2Heads developed a bespoke branded pavilion that included concept, experience design, event production, content creation and entertainment to:

1) Create an environment for collaboration:

• To reposition Disney in a changing industry and build anticipation, we needed to re-imagine and re-position the Disney experience.
• Moving away from corporate structures, we designed a collaborative environment that focused on placing people within the award-winning content.
• The environment used subtle yet directional architecture to foster collaboration and highlight the main star of the show, Disney’s content, in a way that refocused attention
• By infusing colour with texture, we created an atmosphere that asked visitors to touch and engage with the walls.

2) Demonstrate a new approach to exhibiting at MIPCOM:

• The Disney Pavilion 2019 was not designed to a theme, but to the human-centric experience celebrating the two components of content and collaboration.
• Content was explored through an incredible array of titles physically displayed for the audience
• Collaboration was the DNA of the modern; contemporary and dynamic spaces built on the principles of urban zones and smart layout invited visitors to absorb the rich imagery of the targeted activations.
• A user journey was designed for every space to focus the visitor journey on exploring the sheer breadth and scale of Disney’s offering.

3) Encourage a CX journey that places content and collaboration at heart of the experience:

• We created an experience that began first with magnifying the world’s largest collection of content available and then explored the possibilities of working within Disney’s ecosystem of great media
• Flower roofs and vintage lightening allowed visitors to relax into the environment, leaving a lasting enjoyment of Disney reminiscent to the joy visitors experienced as children themselves.
• Flexible spaces were then designed to hold meetings throughout the day without any interruption to the buzzy ambiance. These were then transformed into an after-party that extended onto the early hours of the morning.

Key Elements:

• The ‘Urban Zones’ were based on the principles of good city zoning. They created a better space, but also encouraged better collaboration because people had a choice of where to communicate. Each zone was diverse, connected but with its own function from the Snug, the Bar, the Atrium, the Bistro and the Vinery. Hiding the conversations, but not the people.

• The ‘Smart Layout’ re-examined previous pavilion layouts and reconfigured them to add three additional sales areas, a semi-private lounge and additional screening room. Smarter spaces, for smarter conversations.

• The ‘Content Narrative’ was the principle upon which the three content arenas were designed. It began with the entrance and ‘where we’d come from’ zone that represented the scale and breadth of Disney’s legacy. The ‘who were are’ represented the scale of currently available content and scale of Disney’s vault. The ‘where we go’ zone generated a creative expression of the future of Disney and represented the stories behind new titles.

• The ‘Emotive Engagement’ walls. As visitors’ arrive they are greeted by an evocative visual display of TV and film throughout the years. An installation showcased Disney content from nostalgic childhood memories to last weekends’ binge watch. Visitors connected with shows they recognized evoking an emotional connection and reinforcing Disney content as part of the fabric of life, from past to present and beyond.

The Results

• Each year, Disney elects 2Heads to push the boundaries and create an experience that not only stands out from a highly competitive crowd but provides a whole new meaning to visitors. It is of huge pride to all of us here that we delivered an activation that surpasses Disney’s expectations, allows them to exceed their objectives and create a lasting MIPCOM mark

• Commercial data cannot be disclosed but all of the meeting spaces were fully occupied during the event.

• The Disney pavilion was a focal point within MIPCOM and its content rich design invited hundreds of visitors to explore their content and zone. The creativity and thought behind the experience was evident and the external facades enjoyed many a crowd.

• 2Heads successfully demonstrated to the MIPCOM audience why Disney was the world leader in content creation and popular events within the activation, such as the evening parties were oversubscribed.