Dohrns / POC

Dohrns / POC


Agency: Dohrns Exhibitions & Events

Client: POC

Event Name: ISPO 2019

Agency Website:

The Brief

POC was searching for a new expo concept to use at international trade shows. The requirements were: clean Scandinavian design, reusability, and possibility to vary design according to season and seasonal products. Our ambition was also to create a versatile and scalable expo concept with flexible and cost-effective solutions.

The new expo concept should attract an active consumer, with a need for high-tech sports protection for new adventures and experiences. POC had for some time begun to use abstract photos of people in their communication as a way to generate stronger emotions around their products. As many companies, POC has been experiencing a change in how to communicate with its consumers. If it was previously about communicating a product and the benefits of it, today it is more about communicating with emotions. You need to create an emotion around a product and a brand in order to interest the consumer. At the same time, POC was asking for an open and clean Scandinavian design where the products could speak for themselves.

The Solution

We wanted to create a new expo concept that was both cost-effective and reusable, without giving way to design and creativity. As a take on our clients way of using abstract photos in their communication, we designed light boxes with print based the brand’s logo. We created expo solutions where the products got to speak for themselves in a stylish and innovative way. We went beyond traditional display stands and mannequins, and created a design in which helmets and googles are exposed suspended in front of a wall. Together with digital media, the result was an aesthetically pleasing exposure that leaves the visitor with the fantasy of new adventures and experiences together with right equipment.

The Activation

In order to meet POC’s requirement for a flexible and cost-effective expo concept, we chose to work with Octanorm and rent the parts needed for the different occasions. We build the floor with Octanorm Eco Floor, a raised floor made of recycled plastic. The walls are built with Octawall, frames that quickly and easily can be assembled and then covered with clamped fabric. Together with Octanorm and their new profiles for light boxes, we were now able to offer double-sided light boxes custom shaped to match the POC logo. The product displays were created using white lacquered profiles created in two different sizes of frames, where you add on shelves, clothes rods, mannequins, product signs etc.

To create the illusion of have products, in this case helmets and goggles, “floating” in front of walls and fabric, we use strong magnets and custom brackets. For digital media we use borderless LED panels designed to be mounted around wall corners, able to create a total exposure area of 3 sqm. Lights are locally rented to avoid transportation and thus saving both money and the environment.

The Results

The results was a flexible and scalable expo concept in which we succeeded to reduce costs and negative effects of transportation and warehousing. We created a design in which products could be exposed in a creative and attractive way, and have the possibility to vary according to season and seasonal products.

During 2019, the stand was built at ISPO in Munich in January 2019, and at the Eurobike in Friedrichshafen in August 2019.