Dreams In. Prints Out.

Dreams In. Prints Out.


Agency: M Integrated Solutions

Client: Xerox

Event Name: Dreams In. Prints Out.

Agency Website: www.m-is.com

The Brief

Xerox boldly set out to become an industry leader in live virtual events by pioneering the latest augmented reality which was not common practice in the print marketplace. Through collaborative, cross agency coordination and working efficiently across time zones within 3-weeks, M and P+N symbiotically produced Xerox’s biggest launch event of 2020, which successfully generated substantial sales.

• We worked with the speakers in each location to ensure they had the required infrastructure, were well-rehearsed and confident with the content and technology.
• A targeted audience were invited via multiple acquisition tactics, including an email campaign, field/sales engagement plan, and comprehensive social media strategy.
• The live virtual event delivered a significantly reduced carbon footprint by using M’s existing virtual studio, with the mixed reality environment eliminating speaker and guest travel.
• A sophisticated attendee experience was considered imperative to successful delivery. The intuitive, cohesively branded, mobile optimized, secure online platform; facilitated guest registration, hosted the event broadcast, and provided live detailed analytics.
• Providing opportunities for two-way participation was extremely important. A chat function enabled attendees to network with each other and the Xerox team throughout the live event.

The Solution and Activation

Historically, Xerox has announced its biggest products and feature innovations at industry events, but in the absence of such a platform in 2020, Xerox, partnered with M and P+N, to develop a live virtual event to show their commitment to helping customers expand their business, enhance productivity and boost profits. To deliver this, a riveting mixed reality virtual environment was created by utilizing the latest in AR to offer an immersive, engaging experience. This extremely high-tech approach to customer engagement had never been seen before in the print industry.

An exciting and disruptive TV broadcast format captivated audiences who had become tired of traditional online meetings. A storyboard was developed with input from multiple stakeholders to deliver messages from numerous Xerox departments under a cohesive narrative. This cross-company alignment allowed us to leverage existing work and assets in a smart way which generated cost savings and time efficiencies. By encouraging presenters to think beyond a set of slides, we broke creative boundaries using motion graphics and illustrations. This approach was highly successful and set a new global standard of customer communication for Xerox.

The virtual stage was designed to emulate the aesthetic of Xerox’s innovation and customer centers to spark immediate brand recognition. Hosted by Innovation Champion, Bindi Karia, speakers from global teams presented a series of curated content chapters in mixed reality formats including panel discussions and solo sessions. Each chapter utilized music, videos and breathtaking visual moments to bring key messages to life. 3D content that presenters could physically interact with in real-time heightened the guests’ experience. The event was broadcast via a bespoke online platform which provided a sophisticated attendee journey. The entire event was translated live into 4 languages, ensuring international accessibility.

Content highlights included:
• ‘Stage takeovers’ using AR elements such as the introduction of Xerox’s stunning fluorescent pink specialty dry ink via an explosion of colored powder filling the screen.
• Presenters interacting with augmented carousels of print sample images.
• Captivating tailored motion graphics.
• Assets were optimized and displayed as embedded pictures in picture within the virtual environment.
• Pre-recorded presentations were broadcast as a live product demo from one of Xerox’s state of the art customer centers.
Technical Considerations:
• Microsoft Azure hosted the platform and Vimeo delivered the broadcast to guarantee the maximum 99.99% uptime. The technical team constantly monitored the webserver capacity and the live stream health via the admin portal.
• The network had capacity to facilitate speeds in excess of streaming requirements. A dedicated VPN sat outside of the secure network, but within M’s IT infrastructure. The system included an automatic failover to a secondary internet connection and Vimeo is designed to automatically continue the broadcast.

The Results

Xerox delivered a new and exciting way of reaching the international audience in a time where physical events were not possible.