Ecoform by Formation

Ecoform by Formation


Agency: FormationLive

Client: Formation

Event Name: Any event

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The Brief

Formation has been involved with the design and build of exhibition stands globally for several years now. Despite the advancements towards sustainability in many other aspects of events, the area of sustainable “stand build” doesn’t seem to be making fast enough progress in all parts of the world. Deciding to take advantage of the additional time found during the pandemic we took the decision to develop our own product and set of blueprints which we will distribute amongst a willing community of like minded events professionals. In essence the brief was to design a modular stand build system which is truly sustainable, requires zero to little tooling costs, can be accessible anywhere in the world and requires minimal shipping. The product must remain consistent globally, maintain a high level of aesthetic and be adaptable. It must be eco-friendly in its production, reusable, easy to refurbish where necessary and recyclable when at end of life.

The Solution and Activation

The solution was Ecoform, a flat packed framing system produced from sheet material using just a CNC process and off the shelf fixings. The materials and technology to produce the frames are readily available almost anywhere globally, rendering the need to ship heavy and expensive components unnecessary and, due to simplified manufacturing processes, making it an attractive option for stand builders everywhere. Rather than create a commercial success story, we are aiming to create a sustainability success story. By providing a simple, yet consistent, solution with a shared goal we can go a small way to ensuring events provide a better level of sustainability. Clients and agencies can be sure of the results they will get regardless of supplier and location, whilst also knowing they are producing less environmental impact and stand builders can produce an effective and reusable product which they are able to easily produce, reproduce, reuse and recycle.

The Results

A comprehensive and universal solution. The idea isn’t necessarily a brand new concept, many stand builders use reusable stock elements, but many stand builders dont! The idea was to create an attractive and accessible alternative which can be easily adopted and to create a community of users who will open source the continued evolution of the product. We discovered that by auditing the alternative build solutions we can highlight the gains visually, making it simple for end clients to see the results and to make informed decisions. By even creating a small community of users we can make marginal gains towards a better situation.