EFI Engage 2021

EFI Engage 2021


Agency: ProGlobalEvents

Client: EFI

Event Name: EFI Engage 2021

Agency Website: www.proglobalevents.com

The Brief

EFI is a global leader in high end large format printing for commercial clients. With over 30% of the global market share, they have over 20 million users of their products. Their largest event every year is their annual user conference which is usually a live event. Because of the pandemic, they were forced to switch to a virtual event.

The EFI event team wanted to provide an engaging and visually stimulating virtual event that went far beyond the typical webinar format. For this reason, they chose the BeyondLive platform offered by ProGlobalEvents.

The event requirements were extremely challenging:

-Provide a 3D walkthrough experience for attendees that simulated a live conference with an outdoor plaza, lobby, general session theater, two breakout rooms and an expo hall.

-Accommodate over 450 video conference sessions across 8 days and organize this through an agenda that could be filtered across 10 tracks and also allow a personalized agenda

-Allow easy access to a global user base of more than 50 countries through an eCommerce site for ticketing

-Restrict access within the virtual environment to certain breakout sessions according to ticket type

The Solution and Activation

The client wanted to recreate their annual 8 day live user conference with a 3D virtual experience that provided users a much more engaging experience than a simple webinar. The unique aspect of this project was in creating a user friendly experience that could accommodate a complex set of requirements as described in the brief. The company had never attempted to recreate their annual event into a totally digital experience.

To this end, our creative team created an extensive set of 3D models that were inspired by large and modern expo centers. The virtual location was the San Francisco bay and featured a waterfront plaza as the entrance. To provide an open feeling, the models featured large glass walls where the exterior skyline could be seen.

Users entered a large lobby from the plaza where there were many features that could be accessed. A welcome desk was centrally located and featured a welcome video from an EFI executive. A product gallery showcased the different categories of printers. A media desk provided links to press releases and a link to enter a video meeting. A resource center kiosk provided access to information about the different divisions of the company. Doors from the lobby were labeled to indicate the different rooms: General Session Theater and two different breakout session rooms and the large Expo Hall.

A menu system provided access to all of the attendees, a group chat and the agenda. In addition, we built short cut navigation tools that allowed users to jump into different rooms quickly as well as see a top down view of each room they were in for a quick orientation.

Each of the main session rooms had screens and customized agendas that showed what meetings were accessible. There were two different ticket types sold and the restricted ticket didn’t allow users to attend some of the breakout sessions. The sessions were all conducted by unique WebEx meetings. All of the 450 sessions were also recorded and were made available after the live sessions. The recorded features were recognized as a valuable training asset that could be accessed after the event was finished.

A large expo hall featured a circular arrangement of product demo kiosks and sponsor exhibits. Large windows and a glass roof also provided a bright and open feeling to the large room. In addition, two of the client’s large format printers were placed on the expo floor. Every kiosk, exhibit and printer had multiple interactive information and video meeting links.

The event was extremely successful. Users found the site easy to navigate and find the information they sought. The agenda tool was available from many locations within the environment as well as on their mobile phones. The filtering and search tools in the agenda tool made it easy to find sessions out of the huge selection of 450 choices.

The Results

It’s important to note that our solution was not just an activation at a digital event. Rather, our solution was the entire digital event which recreated a global user conference experience.

The client met their goal of over 1,000 attendees and users from 58 countries were able to easily attend and access the extensive resources.

We created an extensive 3-D model of all the required virtual rooms.

Attendees could enter this 3D virtual experience without any special software downloads required. With a “first person” experience, users could walk through, look all around and click on interactive “hot spots” to see information, videos, or enter video conference sessions.

The visual experience was completely customized to accommodate EFI’s brand logos and sponsor signage. A 3-D model representing two of their large format printers was also placed in the expo hall.

The project also required a customized eCommerce registration platform that could sell different types of tickets which provided access to different areas of the conference. As part of the requirements, the registration form from our system directly integrated with the client’s marketing automation system.

A sophisticated agenda scheduling tool allowed users to filter over 450 video conference sessions divided into 10 tracks of breakout sessions, 20 daily product demos, 8 days of general session keynote speakers and 7 sponsor booths.