ELSASS Wine From France

ELSASS Wine From France

Award: Best Pavilion – SILVER

Agency: Enjoy Events

Client: BCIVA


Agency Website: enjoy-events.fr





The Brief:  

The client wanted a collective stand with 34 exhibitors + tasting space on a 380m² area. There was less than 9m² left per exhibitor with the constraint of having a fridge, a shelf storage, a counter, an appointment table, and washbasin solutions for washing glasses.

Alsace being a region whose speciality is white wine, we had yellow, golden, white, black and shade of grey as our colour code.

The customer wanted a massive air presence to be seen throughout the hall.


The Solution:

We had to compact all the networks (water, electricity, etc) in a common technical reserve, each exhibitor at his door, and his showcase fridge accessible on his trade show booth. As well as the required accessories.

The massive air presence was achieved by huge offal days over 30m long and 8m wide, printed on both sides.



The entire stand was designed by us, from 3D design to on-site production.

4 big trucks of equipment, and 4 days of assembly 24h on 24. with bearing of the teams.
The stand is entirely made in Aluvision modular frame, with printed cover or stretched canvas.


The Result:

The customer was particularly surprised by the ergonomics and practicality of our work, as well as the finishes, and the overall look, customer satisfaction was high.

This stand is our largest work in terms of size and volume of material, which makes us proud.