Experience within Experience!

Experience within Experience!


Agency: Absolute Event

Client: FANUC

Event Name: GLOBAL INDUSTRIE 2018-2019

Agency Website: www.absolute-event.com

The Brief

Client wanted to show up in a really distinctive way in this very important international meeting happening in Paris & Lyon, France. They also needed to create a link between the booth design and their Robots displayed all around. Main goal was to be at the same time “original” and “technological” in this Industrial world!

The Solution

From a huge brainstorming (!), we came up with a really creative idea.
We decided to design a special stand that would include a special happening to capture visitors. We decided to create a real and virtual interactive show including a dancing performance, playing with her clone on the wall. An important development designed with top technicians started with the project architectural design. A main stage was integrated on the booth, animated by a huge 15 meters large led screen ! A 3 minutes show was scheduled each top of the hour during the full event.
As a real bonus, a special Live artist showcase happened on the late opening night featuring a Live acoustic trio. The booth then became “the place to be” that night, spreading a really nice atmosphere for every guests attending. The best way to meet business and friendliness…

The Activation

Two levels had to be controlled : the first one was the artistic design of the show : synchronisation between designed music, real and virtual show, lights and sound programming . The second level was the integration of show elements (screen, stage) in a performant and convenient joint to preserve aesthetic, product exposure and visitors flux. The type of products (robots) to display is not easy at all. A complexe exercise to achieve to mix all ingredients! but also a complexe way to meet all needs and designing a really useful booth that would please everyone.

The Results

“A fantastic affluence generated by show case and friendliness of the stand. Visitors loved to be deeped in a technological but warm ambiance, dazzled by an amazing show. Everyone exploring the stand won’t forget the visit and the people!” JH Ripoteau / Vice President FANUC EUROPE