EXPRO @ OTC 2018

EXPRO @ OTC 2018

Award: Best Stand at an Energy and Mining Event – SILVER

Agency: 2020 Exhibits

Client: Expro

Event Name: OTC 2018

Agency Website:  2020exhibits.com





The Brief:  

Exhibitors typically have multiple objectives at any given show, ranging from lead generation to increased engagement and increased brand awareness. Such was the case with EXPRO, at the 2018 Offshore Technology Conference, and then some. EXPRO wanted to make a splash, maximizing its brand visibility, technological expertise at this all-important show.
The overall objective was to deliver a unified look and feel, across nine very distinct and different business units. Drilling down even further, the overall experience should include three distinct zones: 1) Technology Zone, 2) Hospitality Zone, and 3) the Presentation. Each zone would be separate and clearly distinguishable while maintaining an open and welcoming environment. Above all, bar none, the most important mission for EXPRO’s 2018 OTC experience was to have an engaging, innovative, and inviting environment that fostered interaction with their clients and customers, while celebrating the EXPRO brand.


The Solution:

As a leading international oilfield services company, Expro sought to showcase its commitment to technological innovation at this year’s OTC Houston conference. From technical in-booth presentations to larger groups, to more one-on-one client and prospect hospitality, engagement and interaction, EXPRO’s technology took center stage.


The Activation:

Grabbing attention by design, this 40 x 50 exhibit captures attention from far and wide across the showroom floor. This leading oilfield services company’s sleek exhibit is a real conversation starter, with the signature curve and brand color of Expro’s iconic circular logo seamlessly bringing the space together. Clear, compelling messaging informed and guided the booth design. Through the creative use of materials – the feel is polished yet industrial, with wood grain, metal, frosted plexi and more. The bold EXPRO brand’s iconic circle is used to create private yet open lines of demarcation in an almost layered effect. To meet the needs of a changing industry, EXPRO launched a new technology zone, which showcased their capabilities across several new and emerging technologies, including partnerships we’ve forged with other leading technology players. An engaging interactive environment was central to the Technology Zone, with touchscreens, genius tables, technical models and key messaging throughout.
As a warm invitation to sit, relax, and engage the Hospitality Zone offered a relaxing atmosphere, allowing for the EXPRO sales team to hold informal meetings, along with more privacy for confidential meetings found in the private meeting space. Eye-catching and impactful, the Presentation Zone was strategically positioned on the aisle with the most foot traffic, capturing attention with crisp A/V and sound, and comfortable, modern seating. This open, expansive concept design with engaging touchscreens strategically placed throughout the space made for an engaging experience. A comfortable theater area incorporated thoughtful touches, including charging stations and sharp sound systems, to put guests and visitors at ease, flawlessly.


The Result:

2020 Exhibits delivered in spades with an experience that subtly yet effectively showcases the key business units, in a way that feels private and distinct, yet with the cohesive flow. Much like EXPRO’s iconic circle, their OTC2018 experience was right on target. From fresh flowers to the aroma of rich, delicious coffee brewing, the warmth of the EXPRO brand is strong, with their Tech Zone experience garnering attention (full to overflowing throughout the show) and recognition with EXPRO’s commitment to technological innovation earning the coveted Spotlight on New Technology™ award. The EXPRO team successfully in leads into their CRM system in real time from the show floor, including over 70 strong leads which could result in multi-million dollar contracts for Expro. Engagement was high with over 600 delegates visiting the in-booth coffee shop and engagement station. Additionally, over 200 delegates attended EXPRO’s in-booth presentations.