Fairlyfair – Exhibition blog

Fairlyfair – Exhibition blog


Agency: Fairlyfair

Website: www.fairlyfair.it

The Brief

There was once a time around April 2020 when the events professionals were stuck in lockdown all over the world and no one of them knew what their destiny had in store for them.

Four of them met for the first time just during that period, while attending the same online event, and found out to be in optimal tune.

This became a true multiplication factor of their potentialities in the following weeks, when they went on hanging out, albeit virtually.
Day by day they felt the need of creating something together, because they realised that the Italian exhibition industry needed an opportunity for discussion that was open to all events professionals, especially in a so hard period when the hopes were fading and the prospect of recovery was moving away more and more.

The Solution and Activation

They initially tried to put their varied knowledge together, looking to see if they could add something good to their industry.
They belong to very different sectors, despite all included in the exhibition industry: a brand manager with fifteen years of experience in the coordination and development of large scale exhibitions, a business development manager in our industry since 1995, a freelance architect totally devoted to exhibitions in all its facets, from design to communication and marketing, and an account manager with a 6 years background as exhibition stand designer.
This broad mix of skills immediately led them to wonder “Why haven’t we ever talked about each other’s chores before?” and the answer was a piece of cake: their different sectors all contribute to the success of a single goal but they have never had the chance to confront each other.

Here is when they started thinking about Fairlyfair: a place open to opinions, comparison and mutual exchange of information among the events professionals, for a human and professional growth of a sector that looks to new horizons. Not just a group, not just dialogue, not just listening, but a community open to the contributions of those who, like us, breathe the air of a fair every day – brand managers, business developers, designers, communicators, stand builders, buyers – and a unique, and ambitious, possibility to participate in the creation of a new culture in this sector.

For many years this sector, already very marginalized and undervalued by non-experts, has been enormously fragmented internally, not being able to find a cohesion that could have favored innovations and improvements.
Fairlyfair’s mission is twofold: on the one hand to stimulate the industry itself, so that the different components of the supply chain (fairs, organizers, stand builders, service providers) can recognize each other, sharing information and points of sight with the aim of a new and renewed rebirth; on the other hand, especially in this particular historical moment, growing more and more in order to be able to put pressure on the various trade associations and the media so that our work and skills can acquire value and appreciation even in the eyes of those who don’t belong to our industry.

The Results

In September 2020 the blog (www.fairlyfair.it) and the LinkedIn page (www.linkedin.com/company/fairlyfair) were launched. Since then, the project has moved its first steps and is growing up, little by little. More than 100 contents have been shared so far, divided into 30 blog articles, 7 of which were born by collaborations with other members of the Fairlyfair’s community, and 70 LinkedIn posts including 5 polls. The LinkedIn page has obtained – so far – more than 800 followers, over 55.000 visualizations, nearly 4.000 clics, more than 350 shares and around 1.000 reactions.
All the contents converge at two hashtags: #fairlyfair and #exhibitionblog.

Also several certificates of interest and support have been received and have already led Fairlyfair’s founders to define future collaborations with other operators in the sector and members of the community.