Fly Campari Group

Fly Campari Group


Agency: SharpEnd

Client: Campari Group

Event Name: The Moodie Davitt Virtual Travel Retail Expo 2020

Agency Website:

The Brief

Global Travel Retail (GTR) has been severely impacted as a result of COVID-19, with in-store retail volumes of wines and spirits not expected to recover until it’s safe to re-embrace air travel.

Difficult as trading conditions are, major retail players have reaffirmed their commitment to duty free and some are even innovating. In particular, what has always been a tactile focus is fast becoming digitised.

Campari Group, the sixth largest player in the premium spirits industry, is forging ahead with technology-led innovation. The Milan-based company has a portfolio of over 50 premium brands in 190 countries.

SharpEnd was engaged by Campari Group’s GTR team to reimagine an exhibition stand for The Moodie Davitt Virtual Travel Retail Expo 2020.

Part of the activation’s priority would be Aperol – a global phenomenon and the fastest growing spirit brand in travel retail over the past five years.

Campari Group is also accelerating investment in brown spirits with The Glen Grant single malt scotch range, and is bringing something new to the American whiskey category with Wild Turkey bourbon.

A creative solution was therefore needed so that visitors could discover these brown spirits, while engaging with Aperol, and for the stand to showcase brand priorities in a relevant, yet disruptive way to excite retailers.

The standard approach would have been to recreate a physical booth in a digital format. To truly stand-out however, Campari Group needed an experience that would inspire a yearning for air travel, not constrained by floor-plans.

The answer was ‘Fly Campari Group’.

The Solution and Activation

By considering how brand experience can change when moving from a physical environment to a digital one, SharpEnd collaborated with Campari Group to produce a fully immersive, 360-degree virtual activation that would transport attendees to iconic brand homes in Italy, Scotland and America.

Instead of a conventional booth, the creative solution was to land a virtual private jet in the middle of the exhibition hall and invite visitors to enjoy a pre-flight cocktail in the Campari Group Departures Lounge, before embarking on a round-the-world brand experience with flights to Venice, Kentucky and Speyside to discover the three spirit brands individually.

A SharpEnd team, led by creative technologists and 3D, UI & UX designers, set about developing the experience, whilst Campari Group secured a ‘Gold Package’ stand, located right in the middle of the virtual exhibition hall – providing a large footprint for maximum impact.

The stand’s creative and design would emphasise Campari Group’s digital credentials and reflect a progressive adaptation for new consumer expectations.

By being warm, welcoming and open to all retailers across the travel retail spectrum, the Fly Campari Group Virtual Brand Experience would match the brand’s values and deliver key information in ‘the Campari way’ – through a perfect blend of business professional and friendly engagement.

The Moodie Davitt Virtual Travel Retail Expo ran as a replacement for the cancellation of the leading annual travel retail event.

It ran online from 12-16 October, 2020. After the virtual Expo, all stands remained open and active for 30 days and were available online 24 hours per day.

Campari Group’s activation across its departure lounge and the three flight arrival destinations was fully interactive and showcased brand heritage, new product innovations and how individual brand assets could look in-store.

On boarding the virtual private jet, visitors selected a drink that corresponded with their choice of destination before ‘fastening seatbelts’ and being transported to Venice, Italy, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky or Speyside, Scotland to discover Aperol, The Glen Grant single malt whisky, and Wild Turkey bourbon.

After exploring each 360-degree destination environment, visitors had their virtual Passport stamped and could either travel on to the next destination or return to the lounge and speak with a Campari Group representative.

There was even a live cocktail-making masterclass, hosted by global brand ambassador, Davide Fornasiero, which was then available to view on-demand.

SharpEnd worked with Campari Group to build a digital exhibition stand that could be explored with interactive touch-points in each scene.

These 3D environments were delivered through an interactive web page accessible to trade show participants across all browsers.

Hosting this environment on SharpEnd’s infrastructure and integration with its platform provided real time analytics throughout the event.

NOTE TO JUDGES: to experience the Fly Campari activation, please visit Please note this link is NOT for public use and mustn’t be used in PR, marketing and social.

The Results

The Fly Campari Group experience was the number one most visited stand at The Moodie Davitt Virtual Travel Retail Expo 2020, across all show categories including, fashion, accessories & lifestyle, plus beauty & wellbeing.

The average number of visits per competitor stand totalled 1,530, whereas Fly Campari Group received 2,257 visits (47% higher than the average) – with an average dwell time of three minutes and 10 seconds. 45% of visitors returned to enjoy the Fly Campari Group stand experience more than once.

Campari Group representatives held 80 virtual meetings in the digital Departures Lounge, which equated to over 100 hours of customer engagement.

“No-one expected us to decide against a traditional stand, let alone replace it with a virtual private jet experience and whisk customers away to three different brand destinations,” Campari Group Global Travel Retail Marketing Director Biancamaria Sansone says.

“The impact was staggering and with the technical expertise of SharpEnd onboard, we were able to demonstrate new innovative ways to connect with a more digitally aware customer base whilst maintaining true brand tone of voice.”

Campari Group Global Brand Manager, Jennifer Smith says: “The team at SharpEnd were fantastic from initial concept through to a superb execution and technical support. They helped us to reimagine the trade fair experience with a virtual brand activation that wowed our target audience and was the envy of our competitors.”