Fortnite @ Gamescom 18

Fortnite @ Gamescom 18


  • Best Stand 501-1000sqm – PLATINUM
  • Best Storytelling  – SILVER

Agency: Envy Create Ltd

Client: Epic Games

Event Name: Gamescom 18

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The Brief:  

Fortnite, a phenomenon of Gaming and Entertainment with more than 800 Million Worldwide Users prides itself on being all about their fans and giving back. Creating unique experiences that become memorable moments and highlight moments of delight for their loyal users. With Gamescom being the Largest Gaming Show in the World the ask was simple, make it unique, memorable, and special, and give the fans a unique experience that is all about the game.


The Solution:

We designed an experience that took all of the amazing content and experiences within the game and brought them to life in the real world through experiences and engagements. Our goal was clear, that every element of the Booth was like you were in the game, that every part of the Booth by its nature was a photo op, and that it would be unique in so many ways but above all in that you would not be able to experience this anywhere else in the world, moving away from the tradition of rows of gaming pods to play, which you could do at home, here we did not have one single pod for the public, but what we did have were the most amazing experiences ever seen at an exhibition for the public.


The Activation:

A zipline ran from one corner of the booth to the other, with fans leaping with their Fortnite Glider above them to receive a video gif of their Battle Bus Leap to share with their network of friends and followers. On the ground below the Magic Mountain was a Giant Llama Head Pirate Ship where you could joust a friend with Pickaxes from the game. A farm land adjacent with hay bales and windmill, lead the queues around to a Rodeo Rocket where they could challenge to see how long they could stay on whilst bucking them around. A Junkyard with crane, car crusher, tyre rings and slides creating a Jumping Junkyard challenge for everyone created an amazing architectural and immersive scene. Then across in park was the Lonely Lodge looking like it had appeared from the game, 2 storeys tall with a Prop Maker Pit, Cos Payer Corner, Stupendous Stage, and Lodge Lounge created a perfect spectacle for stage content and also Content Creator Pods who would live stream and share from the show from the perfect vantage point on the top floor.
Every engagement the fans experienced they were able to receive a video or photo of and share their unique and amazing experiences with their wider network. For those who completed their experience Battle Pass, they were able to win a unique in game Spray only released for those who attended the show.
The entire Booth was like jumping out of the real world in to the game, from dropping in to the game from the Battle Bus on the Glider, to traversing between map locations and taking part on challenges such as the Rodeo Rocket, Pickaxe Pit, and Jumping Junkyard, to then capturing that unique content and being able to keep and share it for a memory and experience that will last a lifetime.


The Result:

The reception from the fans was unlike anyone had ever seen nor even anticipated. Everyone at the show were talking about the Fortnite Booth, everyone wanted to experience something from the amazing world, and the Press praised the Booth highly for its commitment to creating the World First Fortnite Amusement Park and only wished it was permanent. The Booth saw more than 300,000 visitors pass through with a 92% share rate of content, with content creators and Press sharing the content with hundreds of millions with immensely positive messaging.