G6 Hospitality at AAHOA 2019

G6 Hospitality at AAHOA 2019


Agency: The Trade Group

Client: G6 Hospitality

Event Name: Asian American Hospitality Owners Association Convention 2019

Agency Website: www.tradegroup.com

The Brief

G6 Hospitality owns, operates and franchises more than 1,400 economy lodging locations under the Motel 6 and Studio 6 brands in the United States and Canada. The company wanted a fresh, clean, contemporary look and a flexible solution that makes the display easy to modify, in order to showcase different G6 brands as needed. This flexibility was essential to the design, since multiple unique brands fall under the G6 umbrella. Including space for a Virtual Reality (VR) demo and more semi-private and private meeting space, while ensuring a smooth traffic flow, were also important to G6.

The Solution

The creative focus was a contemporary, open air design that wasn’t stuffy, but also allowed for booth staff to speak to guests with little disturbance. To create enough space for all G6 had to offer at Asian American Hospitality Owners Association Convention (AAHOACON) 2019, The Trade Group suggested a double deck structure that held a private meeting room upstairs, complete with a TV for promotional videos, a conference table, and seating for six people. To capture the modern feel and smooth flow of traffic that G6 desired, the design team created a predominately white, open space that can be accessed from all four sides.

The Activation

Branding and visibility were the main tenants behind every design detail. The double deck structure itself mimics the tower featured in several G6 properties and can’t be missed on the trade show floor. Flexibility also played a huge role in the stylistic choices made. Most of the branded elements are constructed with backlit SEG fabric graphics that can easily be swapped in and out to highlight any of the four G6 brands. Additionally, the double deck is the ideal choice when it comes to storage; it includes a convenient storage room to stash valuables and supplies which keeps the exhibit clutter free and looking beautiful for guests.

The Results

This booth was a wild success, and it catered to all of the client’s needs and specifications. The VR demo was a fun attraction that guests lined up to try out, while others were able to conduct meetings peacefully upstairs. The sleek design and warm accents created a feeling of both luxury and comfort that mirrors how G6 wants each and every one of their guests to feel when they stay at one of their hotels. The overall design process and vision The Trade Group has created with G6 has stayed true to the brand’s goals throughout the years that we have had the privilege to work together.