Go Beyond the Senses (Partner Incentive Programme)

Go Beyond the Senses (Partner Incentive Programme)


Agency: OrangeDoor

Client: Dell Technologies

Event Name: Go Beyond the Senses (Partner Incentive Programme)

Agency Website: www.weareorangedoor.com

The Brief

To create an inclusive virtual experience that would be memorable, diverse and incentivise salespeople to perform. The aim was to be as engaging and motivating as the annual four-day physical event held in fabulous settings such as Dubai and Sardinia.

The Solution and Activation

Pre-COVID, 30-50 successful Dell Technologies partners were incentivised with an amazing trip to energise their sales performance and celebrate their successes.

With travel impossible in 2020, how could an online-only alternative deliver a compelling and immersive enough experience that rivalled two days in the Sardinian sun?

Our initial brief was for a VR experience. When we asked ‘why VR?’, the answer was “because it sounds exciting”. To us, VR felt limiting, and a solo – rather than shared – experience. If participants were to attend from home, we wanted to at least create a feeling of togetherness.

So we took a risk and proposed something completely different – and won!

A two-day digital event, with diverse experiences that would activate the five senses (plus a sixth sense of ‘inspiration’), be appealing for all participants and also incentivise them to perform during the incentive period. We wanted to deliver something that came close to a face-to-face experience and leave the lucky attendees saying “you’ll never guess what I did today!”.

With previous iterations of the incentive called ‘Go Beyond’, we developed enticing creative and messaging around the theme of ‘Go Beyond The Senses’.

Rather than choosing the activities ourselves, partners voted as part of the communications plan – identifying those with the broadest appeal, and building engagement early on. Each week, a different sense, with four experiences to choose from. Video brought the options to life, with email communications delivered for 10 weeks, in six languages.

The winning activities (plus a couple more to enhance the experience) included:

Day 1:
• Coffee tasting (Stokes Coffee)
• Business update (Dell Technologies)
• Model making (Aardman Studios)
• Mind reading (David Meade)
• Interactive freestyle (Abandoman)

Day 2:
• Yoga session (Blessed)
• Fireside chat (Ben Collins)
• Four cookery classes (all dietaries catered for)
• Wine tasting (Tom Surgey)
• DJ/saxophone performance (Ellie Sax)

We kept a close eye on the experiences, ensuring we stayed within budget and that prospective talent was available – some of which meant we had just a few weeks to confirm, brief and rehearse before the event.

Ensuring participants’ senses were activated, our team collated items to be used through the event, delivering an experience box to individuals’ doorsteps. This contained dried coffee, model-making clay, dry ingredients for the chosen cookery lesson, six wines and a high-value gift delivered from our London office to 130 attendees in 11 countries, in the midst of COVID and just two weeks after Brexit in January 2021. Fresh ingredients were sourced locally and delivered separately.

With perseverance and a refusal to take no for answer almost every attendee received what they needed on time – with some even being delivered by hand with the help of local DMCs.
Post event, each participant then received a thank you box, including another high end gift of their choice, along with various memorabilia items related to the sessions they took part in.

The event was delivered on Hopin, which created a stunning digital space for an exceptional experience. Our technical team delivered every session through our in-house studio, with checks and rehearsals to ensure a smooth show.

It was brought to life, giving energy, vibrancy and personality by our host, David Meade who welcomed attendees, moderated the sessions and brought everyone into the event as active participants – not just passive attendees. The perfect way to elevate the perfect pivoted event.

The Results

The virtual event was even more successful than previous activities – both in terms of registrations for the incentive, and revenue recorded through the period. After just six weeks the registration target was hit and with two weeks to go registrations and sales were at 95% of the stretch target. The stretch goals were then achieved for both registrations and sales. The final sales target was 10% higher than the previous year and our incentive helped the partners exceed this by a further 10%.

Event stats:
• A drop-out of just 7%, with just 9 winners not attending
• The average attendee rating for the event was 8.44 / 10
• Average attendee rating for the sessions 4.8 / 5
• The average time spent in the event was 10 hours, 19 minutes
• 24 polls saw a total of 823 responses
• 23 attendees engaged one-to-one with 228 messages shared

Delivery stats:
• 114 of 117 wine packs arrived on time
• 117 of 121 experience boxes arrived on time
• 119 of 121 ingredients boxes arrived on time

Participant feedback:
“It was a fantastic event! It had an excellent organization, it was dynamic and perfect for the reality that we all live in today.”

Client feedback:
“We’re really pleased that you came with innovative ideas and out of the box thinking – you challenged us and didn’t do exactly what we asked you to do. You thought about it and came with a better solution. Exactly what we want from our agency and so rarely get”