Google Android @ Mobile World Congress

Google Android @ Mobile World Congress

Award: Best Stand at a Technology Event – PLATINUM

Agency: brandfuel

Client: Google Android

Event Name: Mobile World Congress

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How do you build a brand activation the length of two football pitches, weather-proof, in a day and a half and build it so that you can remove all of it in just six hours? Queue, The
Android Works.

Working together with Android to deliver their presence at the 2018 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we designed The Android Works. An industrial-esque, laboratory-style stand
with a number of different experience-led spaces, each devoted to a product or service offering. Giving delegates a chance to experience the latest in Android tech and break away
from the frenetic trade-show environment.

The continuity of the stand architecture was consistent throughout, yet at the same time, each structure was slightly different, whether that be in shape, size or colour. Standing out
from the crowd, The Works made delegates feel like they were stepping into an ideas factory, where brand ambassadors wore boiler-suits and gave away personalised
Android-minis dressed in lab coats.

Each guest could curate the experience they desired. Whether you chose to relax and recharge your batteries (quite literally), network or even experience VR, AR, Google Lens
and Home demos, there was a space for everyone at The Works. To top it all off, there was free Oreo ice cream and hot chocolate up for grabs to keep everyone warm in the
unprecedented snow. It was truly a space where Android engineered all the hard work for you.