Health display

Health display


Agency: Creaplan

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The Brief

Due to worldwide safety regulations, businesses of all types were looking for interior solutions to make their work place more hygienic and covid-proof. As expert in stands, interior and displays, Creaplan set out to create products that help them in doing so, resulting in a brand new range of Safety solutions. The most successful product in that range is the Health display, a designer display, dispensing sanitizing gel and COVID-protection equipment, that is both durable and customizable.

The Solution and Activation

The Health display series consists of a broad range of qualitative and stylish displays with sensor driven disinfectant dispenser, protective gloves, face masks, tissues and waste bin. We also developed a more compact version that only dispenses hand sanitizer gel.

The biggest challenge was to design an efficient piece of furniture that could serve as a disinfection tool, and yet fit nicely into the interior, radiating a sense of style and design, as they will be used for quite some time.

The display has a minimal black and white design and is composed of qualitative materials such as bent aluminium and glass. The display is designed to be placed anywhere near the entrance of buildings or e.g. meeting rooms.

As Creaplan is expert in brand communication, we provide the possibility for companies to personalize their display. Some choose to add their logo or to play around with the colour of the openings to put your hands in. The display is also designed to be easy to clean, easy to refill and easy to move around, without compromising on stability.

The Results

The Health display is our most popular Safety solution up until now. Creaplan has sold over a 100 pieces to companies like Ernst & Young, Hager, Honda and Mowi, reaching a turnover of over 150.000 euros with this product alone.