hello at The 39th Annual Natural Products Expo West

hello at The 39th Annual Natural Products Expo West


Agency: GDX Studios

Client: hello products

Event Name: 39th Annual Natural Products Expo West

Agency Website: www.gdxstudios.com

The Brief

Hello products, a naturally friendly oral care company, hired Grandesign Experiential to create a one-of-a-kind booth at the 39th Annual Natural Products Expo West. The mission for this project was to create an intriguing experience for customers to get informed on hello’s approach to personal hygiene using only natural products as well as sample its collection, specifically its all-natural charcoal toothpaste. We designed a booth that was reminiscent of a relaxing and meditative spa-like environment. To do so, the team brought in farmer sinks, used environment colors and installed bathroom lighting. We contrived an 8’ by 30’ booth complete with a live mint garden, natural wood panels, shelves that showcased hello’s product lines, samples, television with ad displays, an oversized light up logo and brand ambassadors. Then, the game changer was giving potential customers the opportunity to taste, touch, feel and experience hello products themselves. It’s hard to discuss the importance of changing up your daily health care routine through dialogue. We knew we could hand out samples and pamphlets, but letting customers try out the unique product right there in the middle of the convention created brand loyalty and appreciation. Thus, a fully functioning vanity sink was installed so that customers could try the product immediately in a refreshing environment.

The Solution

It’s challenging to discuss the importance of changing up one’s daily health care routine just through quick sample handouts and dialogue. We knew we had to garner the customer’s attention in the few moments we had them in our client’s space, and thus installed a fully functioning sink for attendees to sample the product immediately. The custom water tank was installed in the back of the booth which had running water throughout the entire space. One sink was used for disposal and one was working for the customers to try.

The vanity and accompanying working sink ended up being the most popular component of the booth amongst booth visitors. Visitors thoroughly enjoyed and were entertained when brushing their teeth with the charcoal line toothpaste which contained fresh mint and coconut oil. The charcoal toothpaste was both easy to use and satisfying as it turned teeth gray for a few minutes before revealing a whiter and brighter smile.

Additionally, while customers were watching their teeth change from ink colored to the whitest of whites, brand ambassadors were able to explain the ingredients and positive long term effects – thus having the opportunity to speak with the customer for a longer amount of time then by handing out samples to quick passersby.

The Activation

The project was delivered with the following components:
8’ by 30’ booth
5’ foot life size toothpaste bottle – large, visually appealing charcoal toothpaste tube
9’ foot Illuminated logo
A mix of dark wood textures fused with rich and bright colors
Fresh herbs to create a sense of a natural environment
A fully functioning vanity sink (2’ by 5’ foot)
1’ by 5’ foot working sink
A custom water tank build with working water behind the unit
Living mint garden
Walk-in closet space
Meeting space with brand ambassadors

The Results

The 39th Annual Natural Products Expo West brought in 90,000 attendees from 136 countries. Aside from positive feedback from all attendees that passed by the booth, hello products was asked back by the trade show and requested the booth be located in the main convention center to accommodate more possible customers and buyers.