Honor 8X Beyond Limits

Honor 8X Beyond Limits


Agency: Pico In-Creative UK

Client: Huawei Technologies HONOR

Event Name: Honor 8X Beyond Limits

Agency Website: www.pico.com/en

The Brief

Huawei Technologies HONOR brand aims to capture a young design conscious and tech savvy audience who are seeking an affordable phone.

Themes, an application which sits within all Huawei phones offers tens of thousands of inspiring palettes, allowing users to create highly personalised backgrounds on their device.

As part of Huawei’s brand marketing campaign, for the HONOR 8x phone and Themes App, Pico+ was asked to develop an engaging event for art students.

The TAI Arts School in Madrid provided the perfect location.

The Solution

As a ‘one-off’ event, students were asked to take part in the globe poster competition.

Working with the client, Pico+ identified a day in November to hold the HONOR poster exhibition within the campus of the art school. Excited students queued eagerly outside for the opening.

They were greeted with gifts bags on entry and asked to tour the exhibition where the Pico+ team had printed, framed displayed the designs in a traditional ‘art exhibition’ format.

Attending the event were Javier Palacios (CMO of Huawei Technologies, Western Europe) and influencer Maria Cabanas (@customizarte). Students were able discuss their thoughts on the brand, HONOR 8X phone and Themes App, as well as listen to Maria Cabanas who shared her struggle to let her creative monster run wild!

The Activation

Guests were invited to explore the art exhibition student work that took centre stage with creative art displays. Honor branding was shown throughout with Honor phone totems and logos providing brand visibility.

It was important that every element of this event was captured on camera achieved by a photographer and videographer capturing the entire event.

However, it was equally important to allow students to create their own content. Easels on site allowed them to create art on site which was then added to the exhibition walls!

A digital mosaic photo opportunity was created to encouraging participants to go beyond limits by stepping though a large-scale mock-up of the 8X for a photo opportunity. During the event crowds swarmed around the photo booth to a GIF to be shared on their Social Media accounts. With each photo taken a new picture was added to the social mosaic to reveal an additional 8x theme. This was a success of over 200 pieces of content created over the evening!

A Catch Box was used to throw the conversation across the room from Javier to Maria and back to the audience! (Catch box is a mobile and Bluetooth connected Mic!).

Students were also challenged to go#Beyond Limits by conjuring live art creations and photo opportunities. Easels were set up throughout the exhibition for students to create artwork in the moment, these were then added to the exhibition’s walls.

A GIF photo booth opportunity allowed guests to capture themselves as if in the frame of an Honor phone! Images taken on the night where automatically added to a digital screen, in mosaic style, which filled up tile by tile in to a final artwork.

The Results

The evening culminated with a presentation of awards to students for the top 3 most downloaded Themes.

Overall the event was a resounding success with over 100 visitors, 200+ pieces of GIF content create and this is the start to more events to come!