Hullebusch @ Interieur 2018 Kortrijk / Natural Stone / The sacred space

Hullebusch / Natural Stone / The sacred space

Award: Best Stand 49-100sqm – PLATINUM

Agency: Bulik Standbouw

Client: Hullebusch

Event Name: Interieur 2018 Kortrijk

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The Brief:  

The client worked together with Nicolas Schuybroeck and Bulik. They wanted a sacred booth, a booth that had a very spiritual influence. The architect is very renomated and awarded. The difficulty was the fact that the construction was not really something you can easily make in stand building. They needed some kind of chapel shape. The colours are very monotonous and the sphere is very “sacral / alsmost religious”.


The Solution:

We worked with epoxy/polyester to make the chappel, round part. We had to make a first part out of multiplex and triplex and afterward a specialised firm apllicated polyester on it. We made the round walls with the CNC and afterward we mounted the wooden round together on the field and placed the chapel-parts together. We mounted the round ceiling in one piece up on the round walls.

We worked with our bematrix system for the walls, we applicated wooden Panelskin and it was covered with a painting technique.On the floor we have raised floor, with natural stond on it. In the chappel there are small stones on the floor, that give extra sensation by walking. Underneath there are some kind of gardening plastic maths that keep the stones together. Above there are textile lux-cloths, with LED- above. They create a smooth light. Against the walls the client placed natural stone parts. Very symmetric, and repetitive. We had to glue it to the walls. We used wooden multiplexpanels of different sizes to make the square ceiling in the first part.



We had around 10 days for build-up. We worked together with several external experts for all of this. The schedule was respected, we delivered in time. All experts did their job on the field and very accurate.


The Result:

The result is a very sacral and monotonous architectural design with a lot of natural stone. It teases the people to go inside and the sphere is very severe, and almost religous. Everyone was very satisfied about the project. The project was the talking part of the fair. We had a lot of media attention on the fair, and in architectural magazines and social media.