Interac at Collision Conference 2019

Interac at Collision Conference 2019


Agency: ASTOUND Group

Client: Interac

Event Name: Collision Conference 2019

Agency Website:

The Brief

Collision is the fastest-growing tech conference in North America. Now in its seventh year, Collision has grown to over 30,000 attendees. As a presenting sponsor of the conference with a growing technology offering aimed at entrepreneurs, Interac leveraged the opportunity at Collision 2019 to debut a new, modular brand experience space that reflects their brand story.

Interac wanted to provide attendees with a quiet space where they could escape the chaos of vendors and demos on the trade show floor, while also offering an opportunity for these attendees to learn more about Interac’s role in digital payment and fintech.

The Solution

The inspiration of the design was born out of the idea that Interac and it’s partners work closely together to build networks and data solutions that allow data to flow seamlessly and safely.

To help drive brand awareness and re-appraisal of the Interac brand, the design of the space needed to be unique as the story the brand was trying to tell. To accomplish that, the design focused on maximizing all of the available dimensions while not creating a space that was filled with static, large elements. The use of the vertical materials allowed for both bold visual impact while allowing for the space to be open and exploratory.

The resulting booth design featured close to 600 bands of fabric that were suspended from 20’ above the show floor, all in Interac’s shade of golden yellow. The entryways, walking paths, and informal meeting spaces were all created by using varying lengths of the fabric streams.

The Activation

As title sponsor, Interac was given a 50×50 space within the show to bring their brand to life. To push this further, custom constructed pieces of material of 12′ and 20′ lengths were used to maximize the vertical space above the floor. This brings the space from 2500 sq. ft. to approximately 40,000 cubic feet.

The design itself mandated that a suspended grid be created to allow for all the fabric pieces to be hung in exact positions for each show. The truss scaffolding system above the booth space was to be custom-built for modular usage to fit the footprints of any future shows that the booth is displayed at.

The reason this booth became so iconic is the amount of hanging fabric within the booth. There are 576 individual hanging orange/yellow strips that hung perfectly unwrinkled. There was an intricate research and development to ensure these fabric banners didn’t crinkle or hang skewed.

Inside the space, four (4) of the casual meeting spaces were available for people to sit, meet, and chat while there was a formal meeting room at the back of the space that allowed for schedule meetings and closed-door discussions. The rooms within Interac’s booth were available to be used as a quiet space to escape from the hectic show floor or to view a distraction-free demo of Interac’s tech products and services.

Without having many major hard wall panels, the space felt very open-concept from some perspectives and very private and enclosed at the same time which gave the attendees a rather dynamic and immersive experience when entering fully into the booth space. The simple colour palette of gold, black and wood features made the space feel very much like an inviting Interac experience where attendees could explore and discover the Interac brand as they pleased.

The Results

Even while Interac is far and away the market leader in connecting Canada’s financial institutions to a nation of partners and people, the brand is not generally thought of as a technology and data solutions provider. The brand needed to have a space and story that stood out from the crowd while also providing a medium for the team to instigate a conversation with those attending Collision. Throughout the show, the space was a focal point for those in attendance to not only learn more about what Interac does but for images to be captured.

Over 20,000 people attended the conference in 2019 and the Interac space was considered the most talk-worthy space on the exhibit hall floor.